writing music

Last night I went to eat with my sweet friend, Kandy.  When I got home Lexi was in bed.  I went in her room to say goodnight and she was still awake.  I gave her hugs and kisses and told her I would start her music over (she has 6 songs that I put on a CD that she listens to every single night).  She asked me to actually not start her music over because she paused it.  She paused the 5th song because she no longer likes the last two songs.  She asked, "Mom, why did you write that song?"  I replied, "I didn't write it honey, I just put it on the CD."  Lexi said, "Maybe you forgot.  Let me show you."  She got out of bed and opened her CD player.  The CD has my handwriting on it; therefore, she believes I "wrote" the music.  She sent me on my way with this, "Will you think of new lyrics and you can make a new bedtime CD tomorrow?"  My sweet, sweet girl thinks I write music.  She thinks I'm magical.  She loves me unconditionally with her whole being.  I love her more.

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Michelle Harmon said...

This is so sweet!!!! She does think you're magical and she's right! You are!