"Camcorder is full"

That is the message I received on the Flip camera one second before Lexi climbed her first step!  


We have a Pre-toddler!


Alexi is growing and developing so fast these days.  She is now officially crawling on all 4's.  The video is first thing in the morning, so she is using her belly more than usual.  Very rarely does she stop and roll now.  She also waves now with one hand, dances by bouncing, points at the fan with her whole hand, and kisses "the baby" in the mirror.  She is also back to clapping and shaking her head "no" all the time again.  Lexi also did her first painting today (yes, it is on our frig)!   


She melts my heart...daily.

Time in Dallas with the Lee's

Uncle Jeff has a conference in Dallas this week so Aunt Kim, Cousins Cooper, Jackson, and Brady joined Uncle Jeff Sunday through Tuesday.  We had dinner at our house Sunday night and Jason, Uncle Jeff and the boys played baseball in the backyard while Aunt Kim, Lexi and I had some quality girl time.  On Monday Aunt Kim and I took the kiddos to the Dallas Aquarium and to have grilled cheese sandwiches and milkshakes at the Highland Park Pharmacy.  We later joined the guys for some great Mexican food at Uncle Julio's.  This morning Lexi and I met Aunt Kim and the boys for a quick goodbye breakfast.  It was sad to see them drive away.  We had a blast and we can't wait to see them again soon!  

Great Grandma is 90!

On Saturday, August 15th we threw a surprise party for Great Grandma. She was indeed surprised and thrilled with how many people showed up to celebrate her special day. Uncle Jack flew in from Ohio and met Lexi for the first time (Aunt Sue was not able to make the trip, but hopefully we will see her soon). Uncle Chip flew in from Kentucky. Mimi, Paw Paw, Great Aunt Roseann and Glenn all drove from Dallas to join in on the festivities. We also got to see Grandma Mike, Aunt Kim, Uncle Jeff, Cousins Cooper, Jackson, Brady, Andrea, Caleb, Joshua, along with many more people who are close to Great Grandma's heart. It was a very special weekend. Happy birthday Great Grandma...we love you!


Daddy moment

Last night Jason sneezed. It appearantly was a typical man sneeze...very loud. So loud in fact, it woke Alexi up. She popped up on all fours and started crying and looking around. Jason ran upstairs to comfort her. He picked her up out of her crib and rocked her. She put her head on his shoulder and immediately fell back to sleep. Jason loved it so much I would not be surprised if he began sneezing every night.


Sweet Pea

Alexi loves peas.  She doesn't like much else.



Alexi is napping so I thought it would be a good time to journal her latest behaviors.  
  • Lexi loves to laugh.  She laughs when you kiss her, tickle her, when she sees herself in a mirror, when she other babies, or just randomly.
  • Lexi waves "hi" and "bye."  Usually she waves with both arms.  
  • Lexi loves when daddy comes home from work...big smiles!  
  • Lexi is SO close to crawling.  She is officially up on all fours and moving, but quickly falls to her stomach and she begins rolling again.
  • Lexi still loves to try and eat the rug.
  • Lexi loves to roam around the house in her walker.  It is seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  
  • Lexi still loves to walk with one foot in front of the other while we hold her hands.
  • Lexi does not like eating from a spoon.  
  • Lexi only eats solids that she can pick up with her fingers. 
  • Lexi wants no part of holding her own bottle.  Hmm... 
  • Last week Lexi was the smallest person on the Tech campus.  
  • Lexi still kicks her feet all the time.
  • Lexi still sticks her toes in her mouth all the time.
  • Lexi also likes to blow raspberries.  
  • It is VERY difficult to change her diapers these days.  
  • Lexi gives the sweetest, most slobbery kisses and we LOVE them! 
She really is becoming her own person and it is delightful to see her personality developing.  I wonder what things I will be writing in 15 years?