tis' the season

We've enjoyed all things Christmas the past few days and have more events on deck! This past Sunday we went with Erika, Brandon, Kate, and Miles on the North Pole Express in Grapevine. There was a small play before the train left and then we went to the North Pole to pick up Santa! We sang Christmas carols on the train and Santa passed out bells to all the kids. Kate and Lexi wore matching pajamas and looked adorable! Miles wore similar ones and looked adorable as well!

On Monday, we watched miss Addison Broccoli. The girls played and then we made reindeer food. The girls had so much fun and they are so super duper cute together!!

Today was the Christmas program at Lexi's preschool. Her age group performed "Joy to the world." They all looked so cute and Lexi had fun on stage. Mimi and Aunt Sarah came to watch the show also! We are all so proud of her!


BIG news!

The couple we donated our IVF medicine to are PREGNANT!!  We are so happy for them and now we are praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby.  We know they struggled with infertility for many, many years and now it is their time.  God is good!!



The holiday Christmas card photo session is over!  I can sleep again.  I love taking and editing photos, but the past few weeks I've been swimming in photoshop.  I am back to blogging...for now!

Usually, we spend Thanksgiving in Dallas with the Walsh side of the family.  This year, we went to Houston because of the NHL lockout (ugh about that!).  It was a quick trip, but it was fun.  We are excited to spend time with both sides of the family for Christmas.

We have some fun Christmas experiences lined up for Lexi and I can't wait!  She has always enjoyed Christmas, but this year will be the best!  She is getting a kick out of looking for the elf on the shelf every morning and lights up when she finds him.  More Christmas posts coming soon!


irish cream

Lexi named another doll the other day.  Her name is "Irish Cream."  Yep, that's the baby's name.  She also stated that "Irish Cream" is eight thirty years old.  Perhaps I should have taught a lesson on time verses fractions, but I didn't.  I smiled instead.

i have something special...

Lexi just said, "I have something special for a very special person who loves anthropologie and has a daughter who is four.  That's you, mom!"  I wonder sometimes why God gives me so many blessings.


lexi laughs

Yesterday Lexi said, "I know why God holds us in is hands when we get to heaven...so we don't fall from the sky!"

A couple of days ago Lexi said, "I'm ready to be 4 and a half, or 6 and a half, or 17 and a half!"

be still my heart


4 years old!

Yesterday after Jason got home we took Lexi to the toy store to spend some of her birthday money.  On the way we stopped and took a couple photos to document this very special day.  Lexi is wearing an outfit she received from my childhood friend, Michelle and her family.  It is precious and SO Lexi...I love it!

After pictures and toy stores we went to dinner.  Lexi's request: pizza and ice cream.  Once we got home we played more and snuggled on the couch and watched a movie.  It was a perfect ending to a great birthday.  Love you Lexi Lou!  Happy birthday to my one and only Sunshine!!

Now for a little q + a with a 4 year old:

What is your favorite dinner?
Chicken and dumplings

Favorite color?
Purple and pink

Favorite number? 

Favorite animal?

Favorite song?
New Fresh Beat Band music

Favorite book?
All of my books

Favorite show?
Dora the Explorer 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What is Daddy's job?
He works, he showers, he gets ready.  I don't really know what else.

What is Mommy's job?
Take pictures!

What do you like to do for fun?
Go to the park

What makes you laugh?

Can you tell me a joke?
Knock knock.  Who's there?  Cat.  Cat who?  Are you glad to see me flying a car?  

What makes you sad?
When it's time to go to bed

What college do you want to go to?
Texas Tech

happy 4th birthday party, sunshine!

I simply can't believe Alexi is now 4.  The years have flown by just as everyone warned us.  She is a kid...baby and toddler years are officially behind us.  Alexi is loved by so many and it showed this weekend at her party.  The house was filled with kids and adults who adore our child and that makes my heart happy.  If fact, I have tears in my eyes as I type this.  Unfortunately, Jason had to be in El Paso to work a freelance college football game for Lexi's party on Saturday.  Thankfully, he was able to return yesterday afternoon to spend her actual birthday with her.  On Friday, Grandma Mike and the Lee's drove to Dallas to help me with the party and to celebrate with Lexi.  On Friday night after dinner Aunt Kim began the cake making process.  She made a rainbow cake for the party and everyone helped!

The party started at 2:00 on Saturday.  We had a long sign that read, "Happy Birthday Lexi, We Love You!"  All the kids colored on it and colored on an umbrella for Lexi.  Once the coloring was over we headed outside for pictures and limbo.  The plan was for the kids to run through the sign, but the wind was so strong it tore the sign apart.  :(

After limbo, we headed inside for cake and presents.  Lexi received SO many nice gifts and we are so thankful!  Lexi said it was the best birthday EVER!!

I'm sad about the lack of photos.  Next year I'll take more pictures.  :)



My favorite month is here!!!  SO much happens in November...Lexi's birthday, Thanksgiving, family time, and decorating for Christmas!!  I love my sweet November.  :)

halloween 2012

Lexi was a Pop Star this year and rocked it!!  She came up with her own costume idea and Jason and I helped bring it to life.  We bought the costume at Toys R Us, bought some pink and purple hair spray, and she decided to wear her star clip, sparkly boots, jewelry, and brought her microphone along.  She is SO spunky and I love it!!  We went house to house and she said, "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you" in her microphone.  After we went around the block (remember, Lexi does not like candy so we don't want a lot in this house because J and I will end up eating it!) we sat at the end of our driveway and Lexi passed out candy.  She really liked that part too!  It was a great Halloween and Lexi is already looking forward to dressing up again next year.  :)



I kiss Lexi...A LOT so I thought I'd take a picture to document this activity!!


Yesterday during swim practice, I made a conscious effort to keep my iphone in my purse.  Many moms (including me) reply to emails, look at facebook, etc during swim class because it is 30 solid minutes to catch up on stuff. When I do have my phone out, I put it down when it is Lexi's turn and I do watch her swim.  As soon as she is done though, I may pick my phone right back up again.

Yesterday's class and my decision to keep my phone in my purse was an ah-ha moment for me as a mom.  I've read blogs and articles about how incredibly dependent we are with our phones and iPads.  I've noticed it in our family for some time now and I haven't done anything to change it.  Now I will. During swim class I focused on Lexi for the entire 30 minutes.  When she was not swimming and patiently waiting her turn, she sat on the steps and stared at me with her beautiful blue eyes and the biggest, sweetest smile.  I of course, returned those gestures.  I could tell she knew I was proud of her and that made her happy.  I was totally focused on my child without any distractions and it was perfect.  It was special.  Needless to say, swim class is teaching me a few things as well.  :)


guest blogger

Today I pulled out my blog books and showed them to Lexi.  I told her how I am writing stories about her childhood for her to read and enjoy when she is older.  I asked if she wanted to be my "guest blogger" today and tell her own story (no parameters or ideas given).  Lexi said, "Yes" and this is her story:

"When I was a baby, when I cried, you took care of me and no matter what, you took care of me everyday when I was a baby.  I slept a lot when I was a baby.  I had to go to sleep longer and longer because I was so tired.  I cried every single day and my mom took care of me everyday no matter what. I was happy when I was a baby.  I had a little smile.  Well, everyday I had a big happy smile.  Thank you."


picture day

Yesterday was picture day at school.  I snapped my own photo in our backyard after school since she still had the flower in her hair!  Go Lexi!!



Lexi is soooo lovable.  She is just the sweetest little girl and I love every single ounce of her.  Today we went to Mail Stop to mail a photo CD.  We go in there all the time.  There is a basket of blocks that she usually plays with while I am waiting in line.  Today she didn't play.  When we left she said, "I wanted to play with the blocks today, but I didn't because I love you more.  I love you all the way to the moon and back again, and back again."  She seriously melts my heart.


angel wings

Lexi is still continuing to ask about Angels, God, Heaven and GiGi.  She is trying to take it all in, understand it, and make sense of where GiGi is and how she 'got to God'.  When we explain it to Lexi, she is not sad or upset, but you can see in her eyes that she misses GiGi and can't wait to see her again. This month GiGi will have been in Heaven for 6 months.  Half a year...wow, half of a whole year.  It seems like yesterday that she was sitting in her chair laughing and playing with the kids.  We all miss her - every.  single.  day.  We will see GiGi again though, next time, with her breathtaking Angel wings...


let the kids dress themselves

I stumbled across a blog one time that I think was titled, 'let the kids dress themselves' (or something like that). I didn't follow because I believe there was a terminal illness involved and I knew my sensitive mom soul couldn't bear to read it. I did however, get something from the the title. I want to encourage Lexi to be her own person, to be comfortable in her own skin, to not care what others think, and wear what she wants to wear in order to express herself (yes, I know this may change when she is older, but for now it is fine). She may not match all the time, but that is ok. She may not wear an accessory correctly and, that is ok too. If she likes it, I love it! She is spunky, fun, and full of life. Who wouldn't want a child to express those attributes!?!? Life is too short and there are so many rules to follow already...

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you are my sunshine

I have sung, "You are my sunshine" to Lexi since she was a baby, but not *all* the time...until recently.
A few months ago Jason and I decided to donate our IVF medicine. This was a hard decision for us, but we thought and prayed long and hard about it. We are completely trusting in God's plan for our family. With this being said, I subconsciously started singing, "You are my sunshine" to Lexi *all* of the time...when she was sad, hurt, or just because. It has become *our* song. The song comforts her and it comforts my heart. We like to sing it together when we are singing 'just because.' If I sing it to comfort her, she is usually in my lap while I sing softly in her ear and play with her hair.
Alexi Preston Walsh is my only sunshine and makes me happy when skies are gray, blue, green, or any shade of the rainbow!

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chalkboard wall

I have the *best* husband EVER!  I was bored with our breakfast room (somehow my before picture has disappeared) so I said, "I think I want to paint that wall and make it a chalkboard." Jason said, "Ok, do it" without blinking an eye.  So, the next day Lexi and I were on our way to the local Home Depot to pick up the supplies.  And viola, here it is...our new breakfast room with a chalkboard wall!


just because

I don't have a particular story to write today.  Lexi always says funny things, sweet things, and things that sometimes don't make any sense.  Anywho, I love all of her things.  Every word that she speaks, every inch of her being.  She is my sunshine & she makes me very, very happy.


fall pics

So, Lexi and I went today to take some fall pictures.  No bueno.  It was too hot for the outfit I had on her, the sun was too bright and too high, and overall neither of us were having it.  So, we will try again on a cooler day!  I did however get one photo that is a true representation of Lexi's, "I'm not happy face..."



My favorite season is here!!  I have always loved fall for the cooler weather, changing leaves, decorations & yummy smelling candles, Thanksgiving, family time, football, but it is also the season of Lexi's birth!!  It is crazy that 4 years ago this month I had my baby showers, I washed all the itty bitty clothes, day dreamed about holding my baby, and just a couple of months later she was here and changed our lives forever. I love fall for so many reasons, but Lexi's birth is what I give the most thanks for!!

Happy fall to everyone!!



Lexi has the sniffles and I have a low grade fever. She says we are getting sick and she offered to pray for us...

"Dear God, please keep your eye on us and use your power to make us feel better. Please do whatever I say. Thank you, God. Amen."

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3 squeezes

For the longest time while holding Lexi's hand I say, "I love you" and squeeze her hand 3 times, one for each word.  When we walk to her classroom each school day holding hands, I squeeze her hand 3 times.  Sometimes I say the words and sometimes I don't (I of course say "I love you" as I drop her off at the classroom door).  Lexi started squeezing my hand in return.  On Thursday, as we were walking down the hallway, we ran into a friend.  I was talking to the mom while holding Lexi's hand.  Lexi squeezed my hand 3 times before I squeezed hers.  I know she knows it means, "I love you" and I love how it is our little thing.  :)


ice cream surprise

I missed Lexi so much today while she was at school!  I had plenty to do...coffee with a friend, editing photos, and laundry, but I just missed my little sidekick.  So when I picked her up from school I decided to surprise her with an ice cream treat (perhaps I am still feeling guilty for having her hair cut off)!  Lexi is just sweet as pie!!

stokin' funny!

I've been meaning to blog about this for awhile now and just keep forgetting!!

Several months ago Lexi's dress was wet after we went swimming.  She said, "I'm stokin' wet!"  Of course she meant, soaking.  We thought it was the cutest thing so we did not put much effort in correcting her.

Somehow stokin' evolved and simply replaced the word, 'super.'  I really don't know how this happened.  Lexi started putting the word 'stokin' in front of everything she was excited about.  She says things like, "That is stokin' neat!"  "I'm stokin' excited to go swimming!"  It makes us laugh every time. Jason and I also say 'stokin' in place of 'super' as well.  :)

Another funny I forget to blog about is if something is inside out she will ask, "Will you inside this out for me?"  Ahhh, this girl is F U N N Y!  She makes me laugh all the time!!


Lexi had a major haircut on Friday.  While Michelle and I had the girls at the mall we talked about how long their hair is getting and how hard it is to work through tangles.  We decided it was time for both girls to get a fresh look...

We took the girls to JCPenney.  Addie received an adorable new look and Lexi received a botched up mess.  I asked the stylist to fix it, but instead he made it worse.  We left with a refund.

So, we headed straight to Tony & Guy down the hallway in the mall.  A sweet stylist helped us out and fixed Lexi's hair.  She made it look great and she didn't even charge us!  She was so kind and gentle with me and Lexi.

Lexi and Addie bounced around after their haircuts.  Once we got home, it was a different story.  Lexi cried about her hair being gone.  She said things like, "I'm mad at my hair."  "This hair is NOT beautiful or gorgeous!"  "Mom, I guess I'm not having a great hair day.  I want my hair back."  She stood in the closet looking the mirror while crying and used one of Jason's shirts to wipe her tears.  This went on for a few hours.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry...I did a little bit of both.  Lexi truly was sad about her long hair being gone and I'm the one who decided to get it cut off.  It needed to be cut because it was so stringy, but I should have prepared her more for what was going to happen with her hair. Lesson learned for me. Hopefully Lexi's hair grows fast.  And no matter what, Lexi is beautiful because she has the most beautiful heart.


more proud moments

Lexi truly is growing up fast....in a blink of an eye. She has been going to swim class for a few months now. One time during class Ms. Cindy asked the kids to swim to the 5' sign in the pool. Lexi did it, but didn't like it. She thought it was too far. After that day she would ask me to tell Ms. Cindy that she 'did not want to go all the way to 5.' I did each time and Ms. Cindy said ok. Today though, on the way to swim Lexi said she wanted to surprise Ms. Cindy and swim all the way to 5. And, she did just that! Way to go Lexi!!

YouTube Video

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if you follow...

If you follow this blog will you leave a comment to Lexi about starting soccer?  She was super excited to play soccer, but as soon as we signed up she became 'scared.'  We are trying to comfort her and explain that it is not scary, but maybe we aren't saying the right things or saying enough.

Also, I print this blog into books for Lexi to have when she is older.  The blog book doesn't print comments, but I will write them in for her.

Thanks for the help, blog followers!

preschool 2012-2013

Lexi started her third year of preschool yesterday.  This year she is going Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  We believe it will be good for her as well as me.  I'll have more time to get work done and Lexi will learn more in order to prepare for kindergarten.  It's a win win.  Lexi knows 8 kids in her class of 13.  Her teachers are Ms. Julie and Ms. Ann.  Lexi's report of preschool yesterday is that she REALLY loves it!

Yesterday on the way home from school I told Lexi that I missed her.  She replied, "Well mom, you should have read 'The Kissing Hand' then."  They read that book in school yesterday and Lexi explained to me what I needed to do when I missed her.

Today on the way to school Lexi asked me what I was going to do while she was gone.  I told her how I needed to work on photos.  She said, "Don't forget to clean the house!"  Lexi also picked out a set of trees on our way to school and said, "We could take pictures by those trees.  There is some good light."  :)

This year Lexi has decided to carry her own lunch box and backpack.  In the past, she may carry one or the other; certainly not both and she would not actually wear the backpack.  She is growing up so fast!  

Below, the first set of pictures were taken before school and the second set was after school.  I told her we could go for ice cream or a cupcake after school.  Lexi requested a cake from Whole Foods.  She picked carrot cake and we all loved it!

The next set of pictures are from the second day of school.  Lexi wore sneakers and shorts without complaining since fitness is on the Wednesday schedule (this is HUGE because Lexi only likes to wear sandals or boots with dresses).  So proud of my big girl!!


family vacation

We had a blast on vacation!  Every single bit of it was perfect.  We drove to the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort on Monday.  We arrived in the late afternoon, checked in, and went straight to the pool.  We picked the perfect time of year to go...the same week as school starting.  So, the resort was empty.  We basically shared the large pool area with 7 other families.  It.  Was.  Perfect.  Lexi absolutely loved the water slide.  She seriously went down the slide about 200 times while we were there.

One day Jason left to have lunch with some of his old co-workers who moved to Austin.  I took Lexi to the spa to have her nails done.  She loved it! 

After a lot of pool time we had some down time in the hotel room before heading to dinner.

Lexi fell asleep on our way to Wal-Mart.  We had to get more sunscreen and stuff for lunches to eat on our patio.

Lexi loved the special vacation treats...and so did we!

As written in the post before vacation, Lexi convinced us to let her bring 4 babies.  She actually took A LOT more than that.  She had her 4 babies packed and then she packed a million barbies/dolls into a basket.  It was so cute so we let her bring the basket.  It didn't take up a lot of room so we figured, why not?  Lexi did great the entire trip.  When it was time to get out of the pool or go to sleep, she listened and never put up a stink.  This picture is from the first night.  Jason and I told her to go to bed and we were going to have a glass of wine on the patio.  We had the curtains open so we could see her, Jason opened the vino, I closed the sliding glass door and we heard a lard "click."  The door locked.  We tried to explain how to open the door, but Lexi just couldn't get it.  Later we found out the way we were explaining was not even the right way to unlock the door!  Thank goodness we had our phones outside with us.  We called the front desk and someone immediately came to our room and let us in!  Lexi didn't panic and tried her best to let us back in.  After we figured out the door we went back outside and when we came in we found our bed like this.  :)

Everyday Lexi applied sunscreen to Barbie.

This girl can swim and loves it!!

One down side to going to the resort during the first week of school is that the horses and ponies are not available for riding.  It is their rest week.  We really wanted to take Lexi on her first pony ride this trip, but it just couldn't happen.  :( 

The last night we went to The Oasis.  We love that restaurant.  The views are simply breath-taking.
I am pretty sad I only have iPhone photos from our trip.  I have a point and shoot camera already on my Christmas list.  My fancy camera is just too much to carry around and I certainly don't want it around a pool.  :( 

One of my fondest memories from this vacation will be floating the lazy river with Lexi and Jason.  Lexi would always have her feet crossed in her own tube and we would talk or just relax.  We just floated as a family.  There wasn't much silliness or playing around, we just had conversation.  Our daughter is old enough to float a lazy river, talk, and listen.  It was awesome.
Lexi and I left the resort on Friday and drove to Houston to see family.  Jason flew to Lubbock to work the TECH game.  On Sunday, Jason flew to Houston to be with us and we all left on Monday.  When Lexi and I arrived in Houston on Friday, we went with Kim to pick up Cooper from school.  I cannot believe he is in the 7th grade!  We also waited at the bus stop to see Jackson who is now already in 3rd grade and Brady the kindergartener get off the school bus!  Lexi brought her camera to capture the boys getting off the bus!!  That evening Kim and the boys came to mom's house while Jeff and Jason worked.  Chip surprised us by driving in also!  Sarah stayed behind to do some family stuff with Preston, but she surprised us by flying into Houston on Saturday evening!  We had a great time going out to eat, cooking out, playing cards, and going to Kim's favorite store, "Lush."  
We were gone for a full week and had a blast the whole time!  Lexi started the 2012-2013 preschool year today.  That post is coming soon.  :) 



We are ALL so excited to go on vacation Monday!  We will be gone for a full week.  It will be just the three of us until Friday and then we will be with our Houston family.  Lexi talks about vacation all the time...how she can't wait, it will be so much fun, she gets to leave after two more naps, and she is already sorting and packing.  She was "folding" her laundry today and when I brought more clothes from the dryer onto Uncle Chip's bed (yes, she still calls it that even though Chip only lived with us a month one year ago), she said, "Thank you for bringing me more clothes!"  I also told her today she can bring 3 babies.  She said, "Ok, Nine, Kelly, and Mickey.  BUT, Mickey loves Minnie so I have to bring both of them."  Jason and I looked at each other, laughed and agreed with her.  She is now bringing 4 babies. :)


snuggle night

If Jason has a late night hockey game (like tonight) I let Lexi spend the night with me. Tonight before Jason left she didn't know he had a game; therefore, she didn't know I was planning on a snuggle night. I was on the couch before Jason left and I told him my stomach hurt. Lexi popped up and whispered in my ear, "I need to sleep in your bed because I need to take care of you since your tummy hurts." WHAT a sweetheart! As I type this on my phone I have my little nurse snuggling on my side. My heart is full.

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cheers to 7 years!

I fell totally in love with Jason in a short amount of time.  Somehow, in 7 years my love for him has grown more than I ever could have imagined.  I honestly did not think it was possible for me to feel more love for him today than I did on our wedding day.  Thankful for our lives together yesterday, today, and all the tomorrows.  I am truly blessed.

Lexi is also excited about today.  She repeatedly is saying, "Happy Anniversary!"  She even wanted to call Jason and leave that on his voicemail.  A few minutes ago she went in her room and said she wanted to surprise me...she came out like this and said, "Surprise!  Happy anniversary!  I had to dress nicer for your anniversary!!" L O V E her more and more everyday too!!


check marks

After vacuuming today, Lexi wanted to play with her dolls in the living room. I said, ok and she started to bring the dolls out of her room. Before she walked on the rug she asked, "Mom, you like the check marks, right? Do you want me to play on the hardwood?" Sweet, observant little girl. She knows how much her mama enjoys the vacuum lines (aka check marks). :)
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happy birthday, dad + grandpa

Today my dad would have been 70.  Wow, 70 years old.  I just can't believe he has been gone for 19 years.  I wish with my whole heart that he could have met Jason and Alexi.  Significant days like today are harder than others, but my heart aches a little bit every day.  Miss you, dad.

Also today my grandpa would have been 101.  I also wish he could have met my wonderful husband and sweet daughter.  I am so thankful Alexi was able to have a strong relationship and connection with Gigi though.  It is tough that Gigi was the only great-grandparent Lexi was able to meet.  We really wish she could have met my grandpa and Jason's grandparents.  We miss them all.


our home

I started a blog post awhile back ago about our home.  I wanted to capture what our home looks like, where Lexi is growing up, etc.  I finally finished taking pictures of this wonderful place that we call home.  A few days ago, I received a knock at the door.  It was a woman realtor who had shown our house 6 years ago.  She said she loved our house and wanted to know if we are considering putting it on the market because she sold her house and wanted to buy ours.  I told her that we actually have been discussing that lately.  Well, on Saturday the lady and her boyfriend came by for a tour of our house.  They stayed for about 10 minutes, had positive things to say, but we received an email today stating that she just can't do it right now...maybe in a year when she is remarried.  Jason and I had already been daydreaming about our next house, but honestly it is a relief.  We are happy here.  We love our home.  There are things we would like to change or upgrade of course, but we are blessed beyond belief to have this home to shelter our family.  :)



A few funnies from today:
I said we needed to go to Target. Lexi replied, "well, what about H&M or Anthropologie instead?"
On the way to swim class Lexi asked, "is my hair getting dry with all this swimming?"
I asked Lexi to get dressed and she was stalling. I finally said, "I have asked to ten times to please get dressed." Lexi turned, walked out of the room and said, "I'm on it, mom!"
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this week

I haven't blogged in awhile...sorry if you are following and you have been disappointed.  :)

This summer has been so much fun!  On Monday, we swam with Caleb, Graham, and Megan.  We had a blast and stayed awhile playing, chatting, and eating lunch.  On Tuesday, Lexi and I cleaned the house, had some snuggle time on the couch, and took Addie to swim class.  After swim, Addie got to come over and play a little bit.  Addie and Lexi have grown up together and are truly becoming good friends!  Today, Lexi and I went to see Winnie the Pooh with Ava and Emily at the theater.  Tomorrow, Lexi has swim class again and on Friday, we are going swimming with Michelle and Addie at Lifetime.  We have been in the pool A LOT and we love it!

Other news in our house is we are officially PALEO eaters.  I have been pretty strict with it for almost 2 months now and I feel great!  Tonight Jason and I are starting Insanity.  We are excited and nervous.  Being healthy is our motivation.  We desire happy and healthy hearts.  :)


welcome back sweet andie ann derson!

We all LOVE this dog.  She is Lexi's best friend.  Lexi loves on her and plays with her non-stop.  When Andie was missing a piece of our family was missing.  Our hearts were saddened thinking she may have been forever lost.  When Lexi and I first saw her at the shelter this morning our hearts skipped a beat and we both had huge smiles and happiness come over us.  On our way home Lexi said, "I missed you Andie Ann.  You are such a good dog!"  This afternoon we took Andie to get a fresh hair cut and Lexi and I picked out treats, a new toy, and bones for Andie.  We love you, Andie Ann Derson!!

bathtub fun!

i heart this face

Have I ever mentioned HOW much I love this little face??  Well, I do.  More than anyone could ever imagine.

this week

This week has been a little crazy.  Our house received a major facelift and we love it!  While the painters were painting though, our sweet Andie Ann got out.  She was gone for 2 days.  We posted signs, but didn't receive any calls.  Last night, Jason and I looked on the animal shelter website and we found Andie's picture!  Lexi and I went to the shelter (Lexi calls it the animal zoo) today and thankfully picked up Andie.  We are so happy to have her back home with us where she belongs!


corn on the cob

Lexi is the funniest corn on the cob eater ever!  She loves it and her big chomping and tiny nibbling make me laugh.  I don't like hearing people eat, but the sound of Lexi eating corn on the cob truly brings a smile to my face.  Love this little bunny!