preschool 2012-2013

Lexi started her third year of preschool yesterday.  This year she is going Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  We believe it will be good for her as well as me.  I'll have more time to get work done and Lexi will learn more in order to prepare for kindergarten.  It's a win win.  Lexi knows 8 kids in her class of 13.  Her teachers are Ms. Julie and Ms. Ann.  Lexi's report of preschool yesterday is that she REALLY loves it!

Yesterday on the way home from school I told Lexi that I missed her.  She replied, "Well mom, you should have read 'The Kissing Hand' then."  They read that book in school yesterday and Lexi explained to me what I needed to do when I missed her.

Today on the way to school Lexi asked me what I was going to do while she was gone.  I told her how I needed to work on photos.  She said, "Don't forget to clean the house!"  Lexi also picked out a set of trees on our way to school and said, "We could take pictures by those trees.  There is some good light."  :)

This year Lexi has decided to carry her own lunch box and backpack.  In the past, she may carry one or the other; certainly not both and she would not actually wear the backpack.  She is growing up so fast!  

Below, the first set of pictures were taken before school and the second set was after school.  I told her we could go for ice cream or a cupcake after school.  Lexi requested a cake from Whole Foods.  She picked carrot cake and we all loved it!

The next set of pictures are from the second day of school.  Lexi wore sneakers and shorts without complaining since fitness is on the Wednesday schedule (this is HUGE because Lexi only likes to wear sandals or boots with dresses).  So proud of my big girl!!

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