Lexi had a major haircut on Friday.  While Michelle and I had the girls at the mall we talked about how long their hair is getting and how hard it is to work through tangles.  We decided it was time for both girls to get a fresh look...

We took the girls to JCPenney.  Addie received an adorable new look and Lexi received a botched up mess.  I asked the stylist to fix it, but instead he made it worse.  We left with a refund.

So, we headed straight to Tony & Guy down the hallway in the mall.  A sweet stylist helped us out and fixed Lexi's hair.  She made it look great and she didn't even charge us!  She was so kind and gentle with me and Lexi.

Lexi and Addie bounced around after their haircuts.  Once we got home, it was a different story.  Lexi cried about her hair being gone.  She said things like, "I'm mad at my hair."  "This hair is NOT beautiful or gorgeous!"  "Mom, I guess I'm not having a great hair day.  I want my hair back."  She stood in the closet looking the mirror while crying and used one of Jason's shirts to wipe her tears.  This went on for a few hours.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry...I did a little bit of both.  Lexi truly was sad about her long hair being gone and I'm the one who decided to get it cut off.  It needed to be cut because it was so stringy, but I should have prepared her more for what was going to happen with her hair. Lesson learned for me. Hopefully Lexi's hair grows fast.  And no matter what, Lexi is beautiful because she has the most beautiful heart.

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