Eep!  Oh how I love this girl.  She is quite the fashionista lately.  After this picture she added more bangles on each arm to complete her look.  :)


elizabeth mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell has the sweetest voice while singing, "You are my Sunshine."  That song is on Lexi's playlist.  Every time it is played we stop what we are doing and dance or sing to each other.  Yesterday, as we drew near to Mimi and Paw Paw's (they had her spend the night) our song came on.  I reached my hand to the backseat and held Lexi's hand.  At the stop light I turned my head and we sang to each other.  Her eyes became teary and so did mine.  When we got to Mimi and Paw Paw's Lexi held on to me and snuggled with me on the couch.  She told me she didn't want me to go.  She LOVES being at Mimi and Paw Paw's, but I think she felt our connection and love like I do all the time, especially when that song comes on.  Every time I leave Lexi (for the night or even for a grocery store run) I feel a little piece of me missing.  She blesses my life, my heart, and my soul.

As we walked in the parking garage to our apartment after picking Lexi up, I started singing, "You are my Sunshine." Lexi smiled and said, "I sang that last night in bed. I started singing it to Nine and then I switched it to you because I love you so much and I missed you." She literally melts me.


He took a long time

Yesterday in gymnastics Lexi hurt her hamstring.  She came out to tell me and I massaged her leg for a couple of minutes.  I asked her if she felt well enough to continue and she did.  She went back on the floor and continued for the rest of the class, but she held her leg most of the time.

Today while we were in the car Lexi told me her leg felt better.  She said, "I prayed to God that He would make it feel better and He did!  He took a long time though!"



The other day we had a summer rain.  Lexi was looking out the window and said, "I wish I could play in the rain."  I said, "Ok, let's go."  "Really?!?" asked Lexi!  Her smile and excitement when I said "yes" made my heart smile.  It was such a simple thing to say yes to and it made her day!!


Yesterday we had to go to Target.  14 outfit changes and 30 minutes later and we were finally out the door.  :)

this is frisco

Last weekend we had a family dance/band playing Sunday.  Lexi of course, choreographed it all.  She had Jason on his guitar and she and I switched between dancing, playing her guitar, and taking turns on the piano.  She used her whistle that she bought with her own money a few days before to keep us in check.  She brought out her babies and stuffed animals for our audience.  While she was dancing and singing she would pass by the babies and give them high fives.  Sometime during the concert Jason did something that Lexi did not prefer.  Lexi stopped the music and told Jason what she wanted him to do differently.  Jason explained to her that she can't make up rules on "how to play."  We are different individuals and we all do things differently.  He also said, "This is America.  You are not a dictator."  Lexi listened and started the music again.  We all continued to play/dance/sing.  When the CD ended Lexi looked at Jason and said, "This is not America.  This is Frisco."


facebook dump

Today's status:
Lexi just said, "Kelly, I'm going to call you Nora today." Hmm...ok. I think I like "mom" better!

 "I'm canceling my second and third concerts today. Concerts are tiring." -Lexi

July 16:
The first thing Lexi said when she woke up this morning, "I need to learn how to sing "hoedown throwdown."  When I am on the singing show (The Voice), that is what I want to sing and I have to get better at it."


a rainbow after the storm

I have mentioned before this blog is an elaborate extension of Lexi's baby book.  I always write about the blissful or funny times.  Today I choose otherwise...

Lexi and I went to Michelle's house this morning at 10 AM.  It is a beautiful July day (high of 75) so I stopped for a latte on the way.  We sang and laughed together on the way there.  Lexi and Addie played well together and Emmie was of course as sweet as could be.  Michelle and I chatted while the girls played outside.  It was incredibly awesome to get some adult convo in during the middle of a play date!

Sounds perfect, right?

Not so much.  Lexi threw one of her biggest fits ever.  She didn't want to leave before lunch like I had planned, nor did she want to leave after we ended up having a great lunch on the patio.  Lexi screamed.  She cried. She didn't listen or obey.  She used an angry voice and tested my patience.

We didn't talk much on the way home.  She asked for the music to be turned up and I said, "no."  Once we got home she was sent straight to her room for "quiet time."  She has been in her room for 30 minutes now.  I am enjoying the peace and quiet on the couch, but honesty, I am missing her.  I am praying she is getting some rest to turn her attitude around.

I am writing this because I know Lexi will read this one day and I want her to know that no matter what, I will always love her.  I will always look forward to seeing a rainbow after the storm.  My love is unconditional.  Life is challenging and not always perfect, but my heart is full because of her and I will continue to pray for patience for myself.  There is a rainbow forming now...I can see it and I can't wait until "quiet time" is over.  I'm ready to "restart" this day with a hug.  I think she needs it as much as I do. 


lil' photographer

Last night Jason and I were reminiscing about our trip to Cali.  We fell over laughing about this story...

On the walk back to our hotel after Disneyland, Lexi randomly asked if she could take Jason's picture with my camera.  I said "ok" while Jason didn't even hear our conversation.  As we approached the hotel, Lexi found a tree she wanted Jason to pose with.  A few yards away, two men in suits were filming a commercial.  They stopped and waited, well watched, Jason pose for a picture.  Lexi was very specific.  She requested he cross his right foot over his left and hug the tree.  Needless to say, Jason is one great sport!


arms for holding

Last week Lexi came out of her room while Jason and I were watching TV on the couch.  With a sad face she whispered, "When I am in Heaven can I do anything I want?"  I replied, "Yes, of course."  Lexi asked, "So I can hug and kiss you whenever I want?"  My heart sank and my eyes filled with tears.  I walked her back to her room and she asked, "Is Gigi an angel?"  I said, "I think so."  She then asked if she will be an angel too.  I told her I thought she will be as well.  Lexi replied, "I don't want to be an angel because angels have wings and I can hug you tighter with arms."  We sat on her bed and talked for a long time about Heaven, angels, prayer, and God.  We squeezed tightly and I scooped her up and brought her into our bed.  I am always in awe of Lexi's passion about God and Heaven at such a young age.  She is my little angel.