Random thoughts

Lexi continues to amaze me.  Whether it is a temper tantrum or a random act of sweetness, everything truly amazes me.  Lexi is extremely passionate.  The littlest thing can make her furious and the simple hug she gives "just because" melts my heart and she knows it.  Lexi is her own little being and I love every bit of it...even the tantrums make me smile.  In simple terms: my heart explodes with joy every single day because of her.  No matter what.


Christmas In July

We had a great weekend with Mom and Grandma!  Lexi calls Grandma Mike, "Muke" and Great Grandma, "Gigi."  On Saturday, we went to the American Girl Doll Store, made a mosaic tile butterfly ornament, went out for pizza, and then stopped for a frozen custard dessert.  It was a busy day, but it was a blast!  Muke and Gigi bought Lexi a baby doll at AG while she wasn't looking and surprised her when we got home.  Lexi LOVES her doll.  The creator of AG is an absolute genius!  They had us hooked...all of us, even Jason I think!  Lexi named her baby, drum roll please..."Nine."  Sometimes when you ask Lexi her baby's name, she'll answer, "Nine Ten."  I assume this means Nine's middle name is Ten.  Lexi eats with Nine, sleeps with her, feeds her, and changes her diaper.  Lexi and Nine are bff's!
This weekend Lexi's new arts and crafts table arrived as well!  It is a perfect place to sit and color, read books, and do puzzles.  Another surprise package arrived with the table...Lexi's new owl backpack for school (tear)!  It is a perfect fit for Lexi since she loves owls! 



Just a quick little Lexi funny...if you ask her to say a word she can't pronounce, Lexi says, "Sake."  Not sure why, but it is hysterical!


Swimming (Well, kind of)

Lexi is in swim lessons.  The lessons are everyday Monday through Thursday for two weeks.  Today is ONLY day 3.  I say ONLY because it is not much fun for her, or me.  Over the past 3 days we have worked on kicking, extending arms, blowing bubbles, and going under.  Lexi will float in my arms without kicking a leg, keep her arms to herself, and refuses to blow bubbles.  She simply does not want to exert any energy.  Today was the first day to go under water.  I could not dip her first.  One of the instructors did it the first time for me.  I was the only mom who couldn't do it!  Lexi went to the instructor, went under for a second, and did great!  We practiced two more times.  She did not cry, but she did seem a little confused as to why we put her under.  By the end of the lesson she was climbing up my body and asking over and over to get out.  I hope today didn't scared her too much.  We'll see what tomorrow holds!


Bye Bye

Lexi says "Bye Bye" to everything.  If she sees a truck she says, "A truck!  Bye bye truck," as it drives off. The other day I was cleaning up and put her nose syringe away.  She said, "Bye bye boogers!"  I can't believe we are actually to the age where I will be writing down the things she says that crack us up!  Bye bye boogers...I laugh every time I think of her saying it!  


Thank you, Welcome!

Lexi is doing really well with saying, "Thank you."  Sometimes we still have to remind her though to say it.  If she is reminded she will say, "Thank you, welcome!"  Welcome is always said in a much higher pitch...so cute!

On another note, Lexi was given a build a bear owl from Aunt Kim, Uncle Jeff, and her cousins at her first birthday party.  She still LOVES this owl and sings with it all the time.  Thank you Lee's for the gift that keeps on giving.  The owl makes Lexi smile; therefore, we love it!


Just Because

Just a post.  Just because I love this little face.


A Little Farm Hand

This morning during breakfast I decided it would be a good day to visit Heritage Farmstead in Plano.  The weather was perfect for it today - cloudy and not too hot!  Lexi did not want to participate in story time at the school house (because she preferred to be outside), but she enjoyed washing clothes, petting the sheep and goat, and feeding the chickens.  It was a fun morning!