Swimming (Well, kind of)

Lexi is in swim lessons.  The lessons are everyday Monday through Thursday for two weeks.  Today is ONLY day 3.  I say ONLY because it is not much fun for her, or me.  Over the past 3 days we have worked on kicking, extending arms, blowing bubbles, and going under.  Lexi will float in my arms without kicking a leg, keep her arms to herself, and refuses to blow bubbles.  She simply does not want to exert any energy.  Today was the first day to go under water.  I could not dip her first.  One of the instructors did it the first time for me.  I was the only mom who couldn't do it!  Lexi went to the instructor, went under for a second, and did great!  We practiced two more times.  She did not cry, but she did seem a little confused as to why we put her under.  By the end of the lesson she was climbing up my body and asking over and over to get out.  I hope today didn't scared her too much.  We'll see what tomorrow holds!

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