Christmas In July

We had a great weekend with Mom and Grandma!  Lexi calls Grandma Mike, "Muke" and Great Grandma, "Gigi."  On Saturday, we went to the American Girl Doll Store, made a mosaic tile butterfly ornament, went out for pizza, and then stopped for a frozen custard dessert.  It was a busy day, but it was a blast!  Muke and Gigi bought Lexi a baby doll at AG while she wasn't looking and surprised her when we got home.  Lexi LOVES her doll.  The creator of AG is an absolute genius!  They had us hooked...all of us, even Jason I think!  Lexi named her baby, drum roll please..."Nine."  Sometimes when you ask Lexi her baby's name, she'll answer, "Nine Ten."  I assume this means Nine's middle name is Ten.  Lexi eats with Nine, sleeps with her, feeds her, and changes her diaper.  Lexi and Nine are bff's!
This weekend Lexi's new arts and crafts table arrived as well!  It is a perfect place to sit and color, read books, and do puzzles.  Another surprise package arrived with the table...Lexi's new owl backpack for school (tear)!  It is a perfect fit for Lexi since she loves owls! 

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