throwback thursday

We are just  three months and three days away from Alexi's fifth birthday.  I'm feeling a bit nostalgic at this moment.  How did 5 years fly by so quickly?  What did Jason and I do to be so incredibly blessed with this child? 


grandma mike's visit

Grandma Mike was here from Friday afternoon until this morning (Monday).  We had a wonderful time with her!  On Friday we went to dinner at a delicious bar-b-q restaurant by our apartment and then went for frozen custard.  On Saturday, we had lunch at a German restaurant and they played a song Gigi used to dance to at family parties!  After lunch we shopped for Lexi's school uniforms.  Grandma Mike bought some of Lexi's things and also a matching uniform for Nine (more pictures to come)!  After uniform shopping Grandma Mike and I got some adult girl time and headed to the Frisco Mercantile.  Saturday night we had dinner at home, watched a movie and played.  On Sunday, we had brunch in downtown McKinney, looked at houses, and had Mexican food for dinner.  We ate a lot, laughed non-stop, Lexi and Grandma Mike played and danced a ton, and overall, we had a perfect visit.  We were sad to see Grandma Mike leave this morning, but we are so thankful she came to spend time with us!