The other night Jason and I told Lexi the story about GiGi getting sick and going to Heaven. When Lexi last saw GiGi, she had the large oxygen mask on her face and Lexi said, "I just want GiGi to get better and sit in her chair at home." After that, Jason took Lexi back to Dallas and we told Lexi I was still in Houston taking care of Grandma Mike. So, back to telling Lexi about GiGi's journey to Heaven...we told her the story about the angels and seeing Jesus. Lexi seemed very sad about not seeing GiGi anymore at Grandma Mike's house. Lexi then asked, "Do they have refrigerators in Heaven?" We replied, "We bet they do!" Lexi's next question, "Refrigerators with magnets?" Us, "Of course!" Randomly a day later Lexi asked, "Are there doctors in Heaven to take care of GiGi?" Us, "Only the best Healer ever." Lexi's heart is pure and sweet, just like GiGi's.

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Grandma's eulogy

Lillian Eleanor Riske
August 17, 1919 - April 19, 2012

[Kim speaking] Everyone who knew our grandmother recognized her heart of gold, her strength, determination, as well as her contagious smile and laugh. She had the ability to light up a room with her loving eyes and gentle touch. Throughout her 92 years, she survived and remained faithful during the loss of her parents, her two husbands, Jack, um I mean John, and Fritz, all of her siblings, her son Bobby, several friends, and many others. Grandma never doubted God's plan.

[Chip speaking] Fourteen years ago grandma moved to Texas. She was always that "special" or "favorite" grandmother. Once she moved in with mom, the void in ours hearts from losing our dad was once again filled. Because of her, we were back to being a family of five. Grandma supported us, listened to us, and even disciplined us. We had the best of both worlds. We didn't get locked outside when we got in trouble in our underwear like mom and uncle jack did when they were kids. We're not sure if that is because it doesn't snow in Houston so therefore the punishment wouldn't be as effective, or because only a "mom" can do that, not a "grandma." my favorite memories of my grandma will always be her delicious home cooked meals and the passion for the cubs that we both share. Like uncle jack said, I bet the cubs are winning in heaven.

[Kelly speaking] Grandma not only taught us, but she lived through example of how we should biblically live our lives. She loved her children dearly, us and our spouses unconditionally, and her great grandchildren with her whole heart, but she loved Jesus more. During this past Christmas while uncle Jack and aunt Sue were in town, grandma took us all out to eat for a family style dinner at Bucca di Beppo. While sitting around the table, we took turns sharing where we would love to go for our last vacation. All expenses paid, for two weeks. Kim of course said Disney World, Jeff said the Alamo, and I said something lame like Europe. When it was Grandma's turn she trumped us all by saying heaven. She dreamed of going even when she was perfectly healthy.

During her final week on earth she taught us more than we could have ever imagined. We witnessed the special bond between our mother, our uncle, and our grandmother. You know there is true and unconditional love when both children and all the grandchildren drop everything to hold her hand, kiss her forehead and be by her side during her final days on earth.

[Kim speaking] During Grandma's time in the hospital we felt God moving all around us. Grandma was too weak to move, even too weak to talk. When she was able to speak her voice was muffled by the large and extremely loud oxygen mask. We all tried with all our might to understand things she tried to tell us. Before we knew and even before the doctors knew grandmas body was shutting down, we witnessed God calling her home. While in ICU Grandma had not slept at all, had not eaten in days, had absolutely no physical strength, had even taken a sleeping pill and at 3:30 in the morning a miracle happened. Selfishly, we wish we could say Grandma got better because we miss her terribly, but we watched her face glow with fascination when she saw her first angel. We watched her laugh and smile, point to the air and look above our heads, and clearly understood the words, "there are angels," "it looks like Christmas," "I see your father and Bobby." Grandma had not moved in several days, but through the power of God she pulled the covers off her body, sat up a little bit, started moving her feet as if she was walking through the pearly gates and said, "take me home, take me home."

[Chip speaking] Grandma was constantly teaching us, but she saved the most important lesson for last. She was the nucleus of our family as well as the leader. In the past, we might have been scared of losing such a powerful and inspirational family member. What she gave us this past week in the hospital room is faith that God has the perfect plan for everyone, a family bond that is now unbreakable, and the power to stand up again even though we are sad because we know her soul is dancing with the angels and her legacy will live through us and the generations to follow.

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Spotlight fan of the day!

I submitted a photo to TTU's athletic department for the spotlight fan of day and it was chosen today! I want Lexi to go wherever she wants to go to college, more importantly, I want her to go where her grades or athletics take her, but if she does end up at Tech, I foresee this picture on her nightstand.

*please excuse the really long sentence above. I'm tired and blogging from my phone.

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