The other night Jason and I told Lexi the story about GiGi getting sick and going to Heaven. When Lexi last saw GiGi, she had the large oxygen mask on her face and Lexi said, "I just want GiGi to get better and sit in her chair at home." After that, Jason took Lexi back to Dallas and we told Lexi I was still in Houston taking care of Grandma Mike. So, back to telling Lexi about GiGi's journey to Heaven...we told her the story about the angels and seeing Jesus. Lexi seemed very sad about not seeing GiGi anymore at Grandma Mike's house. Lexi then asked, "Do they have refrigerators in Heaven?" We replied, "We bet they do!" Lexi's next question, "Refrigerators with magnets?" Us, "Of course!" Randomly a day later Lexi asked, "Are there doctors in Heaven to take care of GiGi?" Us, "Only the best Healer ever." Lexi's heart is pure and sweet, just like GiGi's.

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