Happy birthday to the very best husband and dad on this planet!! Lexi and I surprised Jason with a new guitar and some accessories. We spoiled him with dinner and cupcakes from Central Market and a special jam session. We love you, babe!!


spa girls

Lately I have been waking up in the middle of the night or super early in the mornings and have been unable to go back to sleep.  I decided to go into a spa to see what they offer such as teas, eye masks, etc.  I talked to a massage therapist and she offered me and Lexi some time in the relaxation room.  She made me tea and gave Lexi some water.  We each had our own recliner, eye mask, lavender heated blankets and neck wraps.  Lexi stayed in her chair with her feet up and eye mask on.  Sadly, I don't have a picture of that, but I was lying there thinking about what a big kid she has turned into.  I remember walking into stores praying that she would behave, be quiet, listen, etc.  When we got home she said I should heat up my new neck wrap because she knew how tired I was.  So, we heated up the wrap and took turns using it.  Today, I bought some fresh lavender and put it on my bedside table.  Lexi took one piece of lavender and placed it on her bedside table.  She told me how she is going to sleep like a baby now because of it.  As I type this I am drinking my tea and using my neck wrap.  Lexi is soundly sleeping in her room and Jason is playing hockey.  I think it's time to scoop up my little lady and grab some zzz's together.


father's day

This was my 20th Father's Day without my dad.  I miss him every single day and every Father's Day is a little rough.  I am blessed with a wonderful mother who has played both roles for 20 years, Uncle Jack who walked me down the aisle 8 years ago, Kevin who has loved me as his own from day one and who is the absolute best Paw Paw, Chip and Jeff who are terrific dads for our nephews, and of course, Jason...the man God hand picked to be Alexi's hero. 

On Saturday night Mimi and Paw Paw had Lexi spend the night and Jason and I enjoyed a night out.  On Sunday afternoon we went to Mimi and Paw Paw's with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Daniel, and Aunt Kristi for some laughs, bar-b-q, gifts, and swimming.

Jason asked for a boy Barbie this year for Father's Day.  Lexi was excited to pick out the Ken doll who looked the most like him.  :)  We also got him golf lessons, a golf shirt (bright pink...Lexi picked it out), golf shorts, and flip flops.  Jason is the most thoughtful/caring/Barbie playing/piggy back giver/provider/boo boo kissing dad a girl could ask for.  Alexi Preston, you are one lucky lady.  Your dad rocks and I am beyond honored to call him my husband.


vacation part two

The night before we left the Disney Fairies left a bag of surprises on our casita patio.  Lexi found the bag while having her breakfast on the patio Sunday morning.  Inside the bag the fairies left a light up Minnie Mouse, a fairy puzzle, luggage tags, and tickets to DISNEYLAND!!!  Lexi was beyond excited and could not wait to get to DL to meet all the princesses, Mickey, Minnie and the gang!
We arrived at DL, checked into our hotel and headed straight to downtown Disney for lunch.  After a quick lunch we went to Disneyland.  Our first ride was Dumbo and then we headed to Toontown.  Lexi was really excited to meet Minnie and Mickey and walk through their houses!  That night we had tickets to Fantasmic and the fireworks show.  We all really liked the shows!!  The next day we ate at Ariel's Grotto and met many princesses who came to our table.  Lexi LOVED meeting all the characters.  She absolutely adores Goofy so we made sure to hunt him down to get his autograph!  Lexi's autograph book is filled and she also asked me and Jason to sign her book!!!  We also enjoyed the Farris Wheel and the Cars ride! 

We had an absolute fantastic time together on this trip.  We left with some family inside jokes, "monkey suit" and some new nicknames, "Kelly 1," "Kelly 2," and "Daddy 5."

vacation part one

We left last Thursday morning for southern California.  We had reservations at the Terranea Resort.  Once we arrived the bellman took us to our "Ocean View Suite."  It was a beautiful suite, but it had more of a "Pool View" with an "Ocean View" off in the distance.  Jason has stayed there before with Fox so he went down to the check in to ask about our view (we already paid for the "Ocean View").   They moved us into another room, but sadly the "Ocean View" was a little worse than the first room.  So, Jason went down to the desk again.  He came back and said, "I think we are going to like the next one."  He thought right.  It was a casita next to the golf course.  It had a shared outdoor fire place in the front, a large entryway, a full kitchen, laundry room, living room with a fireplace, beautiful bathroom with the largest soaking tub ever, a large king size room with two large patio sliding doors, a private covered back patio with furniture, grass and not only an "Ocean View," but it was ON the ocean!!  It was AMAZING!!!

 The resort pool.

 Two of my favorite people walking to the ocean to look for seashells. 

 Silly girls.

 The living room.

 The back of our casita.

 The front patio.

 Lexi loved doing cartwheels and playing "tag" in the grass.

 Perfect wine patio.  We listened to the waves crash while sipping wine and bundled up in blankets while Lexi snoozed.

 I enjoyed coffee on the patio each morning too.

 Military jets flying over the resort.

 Love CA's grass!

 We took advantage of the kitchen.  We made dinner and enjoyed it on our patio.

 Lexi went to bed about 7:30 every night and Jason and I enjoyed quiet time on the patio together.

On Friday we went to Venice Beach and Santa Monica.  Lexi was SO excited to look and find seashells at the beach.  She had two buckets, one for building sand castles and a large one for her seashell collection.  When we arrived at the beaches we realized they weren't really shell beaches.  So, Jason went into a souvenir shop and bought some seashells.  While they were searching for shells, I secretly buried them in the sand.  Lexi was thrilled when she found them...especially the starfish! 

 Party of Three's toes in the sand!  Notice Lexi's toes are curled?? She does this when she is happy or excited!!

 Our little "beach bum."

 LOOK!  A Starfish!!

 We had to buy sweats on the beach because it was so cold!


On Saturday we surprised Lexi by taking her to the San Diego Zoo.  We drove 2.5 hours to get there and Lexi did great in the car.  We loved looking at all the animals and on the way back to the resort we stopped at another beach in San Diego.  It was beautiful and quiet!  We all got in the water for a little bit and actually found some great shells!  We had a blast!!  We headed back to the resort for our last night and backed our bags to go "home."