daddy's work

Jason is an extremely hard working man.  He is the sole provider of our family and I don't feel I give him enough kuddos or thanks for his hard work.  He works Monday through Friday during the off season and produces 82 games a year.  For home games, he goes to the arena at 10 AM and usually doesn't get home until 11 PM.  He travels on a fancy charter plane, but he is traveling during the middle of the night, on long buses to the hotel, and sadly, is away from us for far too long.  But, he loves what he does and he is oh so talented.  He is creative, but has a business mind.  He is dedicated, strong, passionate, a leader, knowledgeable, but yet, he is always willing to learn.  People often ask me what he does during the "off season."  Sometimes I don't know how to honestly answer this question.  Jason often says he is the busiest during the "off season."  This past year he has been tremendously involved with the creation and development of the new Stars logo.  I read this article tonight and I am so, so, proud of my guy!  Lexi knows daddy works a lot and works for the Stars.  She has visited him in the TV truck, but she doesn't know exactly what he does.  I know she will "google" Jason when she is older, but I wanted to document this article for her.  I know Lexi is proud of her daddy too!!


Go Jason and go Stars!!

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