These two girls are so sassy and I LOVE them!  Yesterday, Addie and Emmie's baby brother arrived.  I snapped this pic while we were waiting for the big gender surprise!  We love you already, sweet baby Grayson!


why do you love me?

Lexi hugged me this morning and said, "I love you so much."  I hugged her back and replied, "I love you so much too.  Why do you love me?"  Lexi said, "Because you buy me my favorite snacks, you take care of me, you melt my heart, because you love me, and because you help me organize."


plano, tx

I've said it before, but Lexi L O V E S the singing show, "The Voice."  She is so musical.  She is always singing and/or dancing.  She can memorize a song just hearing it once.  She aspires to be on "The Voice."  She is already debating which coach to pick once all the chairs turn around.

This was our conversation in the car yesterday:

Lexi: "Mom, what city is our new house in?  I need to know for when I am older.  I need to know because on the singing show they ask, "where are you from?"  I need to be able to tell them the exact city and state that we live in."

Me: "Plano, Texas."

And officially today, "Walsh Party of Three" lives in Plano, TX.

Lexi calls it the "icing house" because she says it looks like icing on a cake.  Of ALL the houses we looked at (and there were a lot) Lexi's cartwheels were the absolute best in this backyard.  Home. Sweet. Home.  :)



Lexi has a life size Barbie that she calls her sister.  It is sweet and fun, but it breaks my heart a little.  She doesn't have a real sister or brother who will always be by her side.  She won't experience the annoyance of a second born nor will she grow up to have him/her as her best friend.  Is she missing out as a child?  As an adult?  I don't think so.  Lexi has so many people who love and adore her...cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and of course, us.  I pray every single day that Lexi always knows how much I adore her.  I ask her all the time if she will still love me when she is a teenager and an adult.  Her answer is yes, but I am prayerful this will be true.  We are incredibly blessed to have Lexi.  She completes Jason and me.  She is our world and has our whole hearts.  


forever friends

Today we hung out with Emmie and Addie.  The girls will be friends forever...just like Michelle and me!  Michelle is getting ready for baby #3 (I think it's a boy) so Lexi and I helped wash some super cute itty bitty baby clothes.  I can't wait to snuggle baby H3!!


Lexi has been asking to be called, "Alex" lately.  I don't know if it will stick, but I think it is SO cute!!  While I was student teaching I had an adorable soccer player student named Alex.  I love boy names for girls!!  Either nickname she chooses in the long run will be adorable and will fit her perfectly.  :)