I kiss Lexi...A LOT so I thought I'd take a picture to document this activity!!


Yesterday during swim practice, I made a conscious effort to keep my iphone in my purse.  Many moms (including me) reply to emails, look at facebook, etc during swim class because it is 30 solid minutes to catch up on stuff. When I do have my phone out, I put it down when it is Lexi's turn and I do watch her swim.  As soon as she is done though, I may pick my phone right back up again.

Yesterday's class and my decision to keep my phone in my purse was an ah-ha moment for me as a mom.  I've read blogs and articles about how incredibly dependent we are with our phones and iPads.  I've noticed it in our family for some time now and I haven't done anything to change it.  Now I will. During swim class I focused on Lexi for the entire 30 minutes.  When she was not swimming and patiently waiting her turn, she sat on the steps and stared at me with her beautiful blue eyes and the biggest, sweetest smile.  I of course, returned those gestures.  I could tell she knew I was proud of her and that made her happy.  I was totally focused on my child without any distractions and it was perfect.  It was special.  Needless to say, swim class is teaching me a few things as well.  :)


guest blogger

Today I pulled out my blog books and showed them to Lexi.  I told her how I am writing stories about her childhood for her to read and enjoy when she is older.  I asked if she wanted to be my "guest blogger" today and tell her own story (no parameters or ideas given).  Lexi said, "Yes" and this is her story:

"When I was a baby, when I cried, you took care of me and no matter what, you took care of me everyday when I was a baby.  I slept a lot when I was a baby.  I had to go to sleep longer and longer because I was so tired.  I cried every single day and my mom took care of me everyday no matter what. I was happy when I was a baby.  I had a little smile.  Well, everyday I had a big happy smile.  Thank you."


picture day

Yesterday was picture day at school.  I snapped my own photo in our backyard after school since she still had the flower in her hair!  Go Lexi!!



Lexi is soooo lovable.  She is just the sweetest little girl and I love every single ounce of her.  Today we went to Mail Stop to mail a photo CD.  We go in there all the time.  There is a basket of blocks that she usually plays with while I am waiting in line.  Today she didn't play.  When we left she said, "I wanted to play with the blocks today, but I didn't because I love you more.  I love you all the way to the moon and back again, and back again."  She seriously melts my heart.


angel wings

Lexi is still continuing to ask about Angels, God, Heaven and GiGi.  She is trying to take it all in, understand it, and make sense of where GiGi is and how she 'got to God'.  When we explain it to Lexi, she is not sad or upset, but you can see in her eyes that she misses GiGi and can't wait to see her again. This month GiGi will have been in Heaven for 6 months.  Half a year...wow, half of a whole year.  It seems like yesterday that she was sitting in her chair laughing and playing with the kids.  We all miss her - every.  single.  day.  We will see GiGi again though, next time, with her breathtaking Angel wings...


let the kids dress themselves

I stumbled across a blog one time that I think was titled, 'let the kids dress themselves' (or something like that). I didn't follow because I believe there was a terminal illness involved and I knew my sensitive mom soul couldn't bear to read it. I did however, get something from the the title. I want to encourage Lexi to be her own person, to be comfortable in her own skin, to not care what others think, and wear what she wants to wear in order to express herself (yes, I know this may change when she is older, but for now it is fine). She may not match all the time, but that is ok. She may not wear an accessory correctly and, that is ok too. If she likes it, I love it! She is spunky, fun, and full of life. Who wouldn't want a child to express those attributes!?!? Life is too short and there are so many rules to follow already...

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you are my sunshine

I have sung, "You are my sunshine" to Lexi since she was a baby, but not *all* the time...until recently.
A few months ago Jason and I decided to donate our IVF medicine. This was a hard decision for us, but we thought and prayed long and hard about it. We are completely trusting in God's plan for our family. With this being said, I subconsciously started singing, "You are my sunshine" to Lexi *all* of the time...when she was sad, hurt, or just because. It has become *our* song. The song comforts her and it comforts my heart. We like to sing it together when we are singing 'just because.' If I sing it to comfort her, she is usually in my lap while I sing softly in her ear and play with her hair.
Alexi Preston Walsh is my only sunshine and makes me happy when skies are gray, blue, green, or any shade of the rainbow!

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chalkboard wall

I have the *best* husband EVER!  I was bored with our breakfast room (somehow my before picture has disappeared) so I said, "I think I want to paint that wall and make it a chalkboard." Jason said, "Ok, do it" without blinking an eye.  So, the next day Lexi and I were on our way to the local Home Depot to pick up the supplies.  And viola, here it is...our new breakfast room with a chalkboard wall!