let the kids dress themselves

I stumbled across a blog one time that I think was titled, 'let the kids dress themselves' (or something like that). I didn't follow because I believe there was a terminal illness involved and I knew my sensitive mom soul couldn't bear to read it. I did however, get something from the the title. I want to encourage Lexi to be her own person, to be comfortable in her own skin, to not care what others think, and wear what she wants to wear in order to express herself (yes, I know this may change when she is older, but for now it is fine). She may not match all the time, but that is ok. She may not wear an accessory correctly and, that is ok too. If she likes it, I love it! She is spunky, fun, and full of life. Who wouldn't want a child to express those attributes!?!? Life is too short and there are so many rules to follow already...

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