Yesterday during swim practice, I made a conscious effort to keep my iphone in my purse.  Many moms (including me) reply to emails, look at facebook, etc during swim class because it is 30 solid minutes to catch up on stuff. When I do have my phone out, I put it down when it is Lexi's turn and I do watch her swim.  As soon as she is done though, I may pick my phone right back up again.

Yesterday's class and my decision to keep my phone in my purse was an ah-ha moment for me as a mom.  I've read blogs and articles about how incredibly dependent we are with our phones and iPads.  I've noticed it in our family for some time now and I haven't done anything to change it.  Now I will. During swim class I focused on Lexi for the entire 30 minutes.  When she was not swimming and patiently waiting her turn, she sat on the steps and stared at me with her beautiful blue eyes and the biggest, sweetest smile.  I of course, returned those gestures.  I could tell she knew I was proud of her and that made her happy.  I was totally focused on my child without any distractions and it was perfect.  It was special.  Needless to say, swim class is teaching me a few things as well.  :)

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Michelle Harmon said...

You are an amazing momma!