bath time

Scrubbing these flu germs away!!


more insta-flu

Grandma Mike sent a package for our little patient too! It's pretty fun receiving new activities to do while we are stuck inside treating this nasty flu! Praying for a complete recovery soon!!

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This past Thursday in the late afternoon, Lexi developed a fever that reached 101.6. She started coughing a lot and just didn't feel very well. After I gave her Motrin, the fever went down, she felt ok, but she still was coughing. That night she woke up a couple of times crying and we could tell she felt pretty miserable. During the night we suspected she had the flu. On Friday morning she slept in and woke up her normal self. Her temperature was 99 and she was still coughing so we decided to make a doctor's appointment. I took her in, they did a flu test, and we left with a prescription for tamiflu, cough medicine, and an antibiotic for the lingering bronchitis. Overall, Lexi is doing great. She hasn't had a fever since the first day, the cough is still around, but not bad during the day and only a little at night. I am so thankful we got the flu shot or it could have been much, much worse. I've taken a lot of photos on Instagram since we are locked in the house for a few days.

After her "lush" bath. Aunt Kim sent a pretty sweet smelling present. :)

The Harmon girls delivered cupcakes and crafts for Lexi! They are such sweet friends who we absolutely adore!!

Lexi also received an invitation to be Cousin Lindsey and Adan's flower girl. She was so happy they asked her!!

Even though she is four, I still love to watch her sleep.

Feeling stronger! We are so blessed to have so many caring friends and family! My phone has been buzzing non-stop with people asking how Lexi is feeling. :)

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Tonight during dinner (yes it is 6:30 and dinner is complete.  So is making and currently eating Valentine's Day cookies.  That's what happens when your child has the flu.  Flu post coming soon), Lexi said, "Can you turn on a show for me?  I don't want to talk about our days."  I of course said "no" and we continued to talk while eating dinner.  I asked her how many cookies she would like to make.  She answered, "Four. One for you and three for me."  Oh how I adore this spunky girl!!


mimi + paw paw

This past Saturday, Lexi spent the night at Mimi + Paw Paw's house so I could go to the Stars home opener.  Lexi always has fun over there and is always so busy!  Mimi and Lexi planted a lot of bulbs.  Lexi told me, "It took a little long time."  Lexi also said, "I had to tell Paw Paw 100 times that it was time for dinner!"  On Sunday when I went to pick up Lexi, Uncle Daniel was there visiting.  Aunt Kristi was there before I was, but she had to leave and go to work.  Lexi LOVES her Mimi + Paw Paw and her Aunts and Uncles.  She enjoys being with them and playing with them as much as she can!


Lexi went back to school today!  She was so excited last night to go back and see her friends and her teachers.  When it was time for bed she jumped right in because she knew when she woke up it would be time to go!  She slept so well I had to wake her at 8:30 this morning to get ready.  I turned on the lamp, she opened her eyes, smiled back at me and said, "I love your smile, mom."  Lexi is just the sweetest.  Her heart is pure and her love is unconditional.  I love her smile too and if my smile shows how happy I am, just think how happy and full my heart is!


oh lexi...

Today Lexi said, "While you are working and you need me, my name is Lexi.  I just didn't want you to forget."

She also has a little sore in her mouth.  She has had one before and I asked her if it was getting worse.  She then started calling her sore a "worse."  So, she'll say, "My worse hurts really bad."  We think it is so cute, we don't correct it. 

We are currently eating lunch and she is singing, "Jingle Bells."  I just adore this girl!


the prettiest voice

This morning Jason got up to get ready for the first season of the game and to pack for his first road trip.  Lexi and I stayed in bed for an extra 30 minutes.  We snuggled and we took turns singing, "You are my sunshine" to each other.  After I sang it once Lexi said, "You have the prettiest voice ever."  I know she will soon one day roll her eyes and/or cover her ears when I sing.  For now, I will just take it all in.  Be still my heart.


will you cover me?

Lexi used to never like being covered with blankets.  She was in a sleep sack forever and then once she graduated from the sleep sack she was dressed in long sleeve footed pajamas each night.  She always chose to keep the covers off (we keep it cold in our house so we know it wasn't because she was hot!).  Anywho, a few months ago Lexi became super attached to the Minnie Mouse blanket Uncle Chip and Aunt Sarah gave her for Christmas 2011.  One night, Jason covered her up 'snug as a bug in a rug' with it and she loved it.  She also loved that Jason covered her.  From that night forward, she asks daddy to cover her up.  We love hearing, "Daddy, will you cover me?" 

This picture is from when Lexi was sick.  It is now a Walsh Party of Three routine to ALL sleep on the couch when Lexi is sick.  We bring out all the blankets, favorite dolls and stuffed animals and snuggle!  We will do anything to help our sweet girl feel better and comfortable!


snow day

Alexi has been under the weather since right after Christmas.  First she had sinusitis and then it turned into bronchitis.  She is still coughing at night, but thankfully it is much, much better.  She has not been back to school since Christmas break.  We know she isn't contagious, but we are scared of her picking up cooties with a compromised immune system.  Yesterday, we decided to keep her home at least one more day.  I am glad we did because when we woke up this morning it was snowing!!  We are going to enjoy another day together snuggled up inside with the fireplace on.  So far it is a perfect morning.  Lexi is eating breakfast by the fire and I am blogging while drinking hot tea.  This is going to be a fabulous Tuesday...I LOVE snow days with my Sunshine!!


guest blogger

I asked Lexi if she wanted to be a "guest blogger" again.  She said yes. Lexi's words will be in purple and mine will be in black.

For a guest blogger, I have to give the person at the computer money.  How much does it cost? 


Okay, I have $38 dollars.  Here it is, but I need it back because it is mine.  Now let me show you a picture of you that I have in my wallet.  A guest blogger also has to dance around with her friends after the story.  I'm ready when you're ready.

She is now zipping up her purse.  She just consulted with Nine and they want to tell about Megan the Monkey as a baby.       

Oh, wait, another baby is calling her now...

Now we are going to hear when Samantha's daughter was a baby.  I have to go to the restroom first. 

Here is the story...

When Samantha's daughter was a baby, she was crying so much because she wanted milk.  She wanted it for a long, long time.  She was also really afraid to go to school.  She really wanted to stay home with her family.  All done with the story.  Thank you.



Lexi talks about a little boy named, "Jake" in her class *all* the time.  Every time Lexi says his name she has a little smirk on her face and says, "Jaaaake" ever so sweetly.  He was in her class last year too. Lately she has been asking a lot of questions about getting married.  Where will she live when she is married, why can't she live with us when she has a husband, etc.  She has told us she does not want to get married because she wants to live with us forever.  This was our conversation on the way home from the grocery store today:

Lexi: [holding out her hand and pretending to text] "Haha, Jake wants to get married."

Me: "Oh, he does?"

Lexi: "Yes, he does, but I told him no.  I am going to live with you forever instead."

Me: "What did Jake say?"

Lexi: "He wants me to call him and to get married.  I [laughing] told him no."

I would be lying if I said I didn't *want* Lexi to live with us forever.  I can't picture her being old enough to be a wife and maybe a mother.  I do pray she finds the man who makes her dreams come true and for someone who is as genuine and caring as her father.  I also pray she slows down on the crushes though since she is only 4!


camping under the stars

Well, not exactly what the title says, but kind of...

We went on our first family camping trip!  We went all the way to Grapevine, Texas.  We had a small (ok, very small) cabin on the lake...well, kind of close to the lake.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and took Lexi to the park on site and on a nature walk.  We then went to downtown Grapevine to eat dinner (roughing it, I know) and went through a couple of shops.  Once we arrived back to the campsite we made a fire in the fire pit and made s'mores!  Lexi brought her Barbie camper and her favorite stuffed animals and Nine to enjoy the fire as well.  After the s'mores we went back inside and Lexi enjoyed a show on the iPad and Jason and I watched football before going to bed.

While we were watching football we were also updating our Twitter accounts non-stop following the hockey lockout news.  We went to bed without a CBA deal, but when we woke up THERE WAS HOCKEY AGAIN!!!  We hurried and packed up the car and drove home so Jason could go to the office.  Cabin #2 at the Vineyard Campgrounds in Grapevine, Texas is our new lucky spot.  GO STARS!!

size 8

Lexi is extremely particular with her clothes. She doesn't like things too tight, including her shoes and underwear. She does not like her underwear to touch her bottom. I really thought this would be a very short lived stage, but I guess not. She packed up a bag full of size 4 underwear and requested larger ones. We bought size 5. Not large enough. Size 6. Not large enough. Size 7. Not large enough. Size 8...ok. I think it is corky, but cute. I love seeing her little legs sticking out of 4 year old granny panties!

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nye 2012/2013

Lexi and I both got sick right after Christmas. Because of our colds and the bad weather, we decided to postpone our NYE camping trip. We made the most of the night though. We snuggled as a family on the couch and watched the NYC festivities. Lexi went to bed at 9:30 and I made it all the way to 11:30!

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christmas 2012

This year, Grandma Mike arrived in Dallas and watched Lexi on the 23rd while Jason and I went on one of my dream dates.  We went to dinner at Rise in Dallas (which was absolutely amazing and my new favorite restaurant) and then attended the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert.  It was wonderful!
On Christmas Eve, we all headed to Mimi and PawPaw's house and spend the day/evening with them, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Kristi, Uncle Daniel, Chloe, Molly, and Roxy.  We ate a wonderful meal at Mimi and PawPaw's new table and Lexi offered to say the blessing.  She did a great job and we were so proud of her for volunteering!  We laughed a lot (many dog stories), told stories, and opened gifts.  We had a blast!

Once we got home that night we put out the reindeer food in the front yard, placed cookies and chocolate milk on the fireplace for Santa and then it was off to bed.

On Christmas morning Lexi woke up and was surprised to see what Santa left for her!  From Santa, Lexi got a Barbie camper, a Lalaloopsy doll, and Stuffy from Doc McStuffins.  Jason and I also exchanged gifts and one of my very favorite gifts from him EVER is this pillow:

*I found it at a store in downtown McKinney and fell in love at first sight.  Lexi and I sing "You are my Sunshine" to each other ALL the time.  This pillow will be in our home forever.  It will be loved on and present at all times.  And, when I am no longer present on earth, this pillow will go to Lexi.  I hope she will cherish this pillow as much as I do.* 

On Christmas day, the Lee's drove to Dallas from Houston and Uncle Chip, Aunt Sarah, and baby Preston came over too.  We made appetizers for dinner including GiGi's chicken wings and deviled eggs, of course.  We all had a blast being together and playing in the SNOW!!  Yes, it snowed in Dallas ON Christmas!  We all think GiGi had something to do with that!  It certainly made us all smile as we acted like kids in the front yard and looked up at GiGi smiling down on us.  :)

Aunt Sarah snapped this pic of us:

a heavenly christmas

I was worried about this Christmas because it was our first one without GiGi.  Leading up to Christmas I often felt sad she wouldn't be with us this year.  When I think about Christmas on the Hodges side, I immediately think of Grandma in her chair, opening a lot of chocolate, smiling, kissing, and tears in her eyes.  While thinking about all of this, I remembered what she said in the hospital bed when she saw her first Angel.  She pointed to Heaven and said it looked like "Christmas."  If everyday in Heaven looks like Christmas, I bet the day of Jesus' birth is beyond spectacular, to say the least.  I'm sure GiGi's eyes were filled with tears of happiness this Christmas because she got to spend the day with our King.  We certainly missed GiGi, but we know where she is and we often talk about her dancing in Heaven.  THAT makes my eyes fill with tears of happiness for her.  I know she had the most magical Christmas ever this year.  Merry Heavenly Christmas, GiGi.