This past Thursday in the late afternoon, Lexi developed a fever that reached 101.6. She started coughing a lot and just didn't feel very well. After I gave her Motrin, the fever went down, she felt ok, but she still was coughing. That night she woke up a couple of times crying and we could tell she felt pretty miserable. During the night we suspected she had the flu. On Friday morning she slept in and woke up her normal self. Her temperature was 99 and she was still coughing so we decided to make a doctor's appointment. I took her in, they did a flu test, and we left with a prescription for tamiflu, cough medicine, and an antibiotic for the lingering bronchitis. Overall, Lexi is doing great. She hasn't had a fever since the first day, the cough is still around, but not bad during the day and only a little at night. I am so thankful we got the flu shot or it could have been much, much worse. I've taken a lot of photos on Instagram since we are locked in the house for a few days.

After her "lush" bath. Aunt Kim sent a pretty sweet smelling present. :)

The Harmon girls delivered cupcakes and crafts for Lexi! They are such sweet friends who we absolutely adore!!

Lexi also received an invitation to be Cousin Lindsey and Adan's flower girl. She was so happy they asked her!!

Even though she is four, I still love to watch her sleep.

Feeling stronger! We are so blessed to have so many caring friends and family! My phone has been buzzing non-stop with people asking how Lexi is feeling. :)

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