Lexi talks about a little boy named, "Jake" in her class *all* the time.  Every time Lexi says his name she has a little smirk on her face and says, "Jaaaake" ever so sweetly.  He was in her class last year too. Lately she has been asking a lot of questions about getting married.  Where will she live when she is married, why can't she live with us when she has a husband, etc.  She has told us she does not want to get married because she wants to live with us forever.  This was our conversation on the way home from the grocery store today:

Lexi: [holding out her hand and pretending to text] "Haha, Jake wants to get married."

Me: "Oh, he does?"

Lexi: "Yes, he does, but I told him no.  I am going to live with you forever instead."

Me: "What did Jake say?"

Lexi: "He wants me to call him and to get married.  I [laughing] told him no."

I would be lying if I said I didn't *want* Lexi to live with us forever.  I can't picture her being old enough to be a wife and maybe a mother.  I do pray she finds the man who makes her dreams come true and for someone who is as genuine and caring as her father.  I also pray she slows down on the crushes though since she is only 4!

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