christmas 2012

This year, Grandma Mike arrived in Dallas and watched Lexi on the 23rd while Jason and I went on one of my dream dates.  We went to dinner at Rise in Dallas (which was absolutely amazing and my new favorite restaurant) and then attended the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert.  It was wonderful!
On Christmas Eve, we all headed to Mimi and PawPaw's house and spend the day/evening with them, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Kristi, Uncle Daniel, Chloe, Molly, and Roxy.  We ate a wonderful meal at Mimi and PawPaw's new table and Lexi offered to say the blessing.  She did a great job and we were so proud of her for volunteering!  We laughed a lot (many dog stories), told stories, and opened gifts.  We had a blast!

Once we got home that night we put out the reindeer food in the front yard, placed cookies and chocolate milk on the fireplace for Santa and then it was off to bed.

On Christmas morning Lexi woke up and was surprised to see what Santa left for her!  From Santa, Lexi got a Barbie camper, a Lalaloopsy doll, and Stuffy from Doc McStuffins.  Jason and I also exchanged gifts and one of my very favorite gifts from him EVER is this pillow:

*I found it at a store in downtown McKinney and fell in love at first sight.  Lexi and I sing "You are my Sunshine" to each other ALL the time.  This pillow will be in our home forever.  It will be loved on and present at all times.  And, when I am no longer present on earth, this pillow will go to Lexi.  I hope she will cherish this pillow as much as I do.* 

On Christmas day, the Lee's drove to Dallas from Houston and Uncle Chip, Aunt Sarah, and baby Preston came over too.  We made appetizers for dinner including GiGi's chicken wings and deviled eggs, of course.  We all had a blast being together and playing in the SNOW!!  Yes, it snowed in Dallas ON Christmas!  We all think GiGi had something to do with that!  It certainly made us all smile as we acted like kids in the front yard and looked up at GiGi smiling down on us.  :)

Aunt Sarah snapped this pic of us:

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