Uncle Jack and Aunt Sue are looking at houses in Houston!!  We decided to meet them in Houston to celebrate mother's day and Aunt Kim's birthday also.  It was a VERY quick trip, but it was so much fun!  Sadly, Lexi developed a pretty high fever Sunday morning, but she is doing so much better now!  Here are a few pics of the fun we had Friday night:


Last night while I was tucking Lexi in she said, "Mom, the first time I saw you out of your tummy when I was born, I knew I would love you.  I would love you from that day until I went to Heaven." 

I will love you unconditionally all the days of my life too, Sunshine. 



lexi's dictionary

Kids say the some of the funniest things.  So funny sometimes that we choose to not correct some mistakes.  Not only do we not correct some of Lexi's vocabulary, we have adopted it.  For example, Lexi says "pinano" for "piano."  She says, "hanitizer" for "hand sanitizer," "potographer" for "photographer," and "worse" for a "sore."  The "worse" started because Lexi had a sore in her mouth.  I once asked if it was getting "worse."  She then started calling her "sore" a "worse."  I know there are a few more, but off the top of my head I can't think of them right now.  So, if I ask for hanitizer in public I hope people know what I am talking about.  :)


mom's day 2014

Mother's Day was once again amazing.  I was up having tea when Lexi woke up.  She came into the kitchen and the first thing she said with her little sleepy voice and a soft hug around my thighs was, "Happy Mother's Day."  Later that morning I said to Lexi, "Thank you for making me a mom."  Lexi replied, "Don't thank me.  Thank God.  He is the one who made you a mom."  She is so wise at 5.

One of my favorite gifts.  A picture of Lexi and me:

Jason and Lexi made this for me too (eek!  I love it!!):

Jason went way overboard with gifts once again, but I adore this recipe book he secretly bought for me while we were shopping on Saturday.  I am going to hand write our favorite recipes in this book and pass it on to Lexi when she is an adult.

Lexi picked out this Barbie card for me and it even had a fabulous mom sticker that I wore all day!

We had the Walsh family over for brunch to celebrate Mother's Day and Aunt Sarah's birthday.  We ate outside, laughed, talked, and snuggled Mr. Luke.  It was a perfect day and next weekend we are going to celebrate Mother's Day and Aunt Kim's birthday in Houston.

Sunday wasn't just Mother's Day.  It was also Lexi's half birthday.  She is SO excited to be five and a HALF!!  So, in honor of her half birthday I let her jump on the bed after bath time.

When I tucked Lexi into bed that night I thank her for everything and for being the best daughter in the whole wide world.  Lexi said, "You outshine them all" (that's what the says that she picked out for me).  I smiled, gave her another kiss and then she asked, "What does 'outshine' mean?"  Hahahaha!  She then said, "I wish everyday could be Mother's Day.  Let's have another Mother's Day tomorrow."  Every single day is Mother's Day to me because I am so incredibly blessed to be the woman chosen to be Lexi's mom.  I am also extremely grateful for my mother, my mother-in-law, my sister moms and all of my mom friends who love and support me at all times.  I believe I have the best bunch of moms in the entire world and I am the person I am today because of them.  I honestly don't know how/why I am so lucky.

Oh, and Lexi picked out this specific dress for Mother's Day because "it has hearts on it and I love my mom."

Blessed.  Truly blessed.


sweet, sweet, lexi

Lexi's heart is giant.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...Lexi loves to love.  She is affectionate and passionate.  She shows love with words and touch.  Often times she gently places both of her hands on my cheeks and says, "I love you" or "I can't get enough of you."  The other day I tucked her into bed and she said, "Mom, you make my life when you cover me.  You are the best coverer ever."  She.  Melts.  Me.  Daily.