Pics of the Week

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the week!



I haven't written in awhile because things are hectic...nothing bad, just busy. Beautiful summer days and nights = not enough time for fun. Lexi and I are really enjoying Jason home this summer. I treasure and I know Jason does too, the moments he and Lexi share together. Often times I think about what a wonderful dad he is and how lucky Alexi is to have him as her protector. Jason is a solid rock...Lexi's and mine.

Almost every night after Alexi goes to bed Jason and I sit on the couch and share how much we love her. We repeat it over and over again like we are telling someone for the first time. We also share stories about what she did that was new or cute. Speaking of new and cute, tonight at dinner Lexi started playing, "Drop the sippy cup and watch mommy pick it up" game. At one point Lexi started laughing and if you know me, I laugh when other people laugh (even if I don't know what they are laughing about). So, since I heard the sweetest laugh on this planet I began laughing too. Lexi continued laughing because I was laughing and it went on and on. I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

Another sweet moment happened tonight after I fed Lexi her bedtime bottle. I was holding Lexi cheek to cheek with me and she kissed me. She planted one on my cheek and stayed there for a few minutes looking into my eyes. I didn't move a muscle. I treasured that moment and I always will.


Mother's Day and Half Birthday!

Yesterday I had my first true mother's day. It was wonderful. To be honest though, I feel like the luckiest person in the world so yesterday was not too different than other days. Jason did however surprise me with a video of Lexi's pictures (will post soon), a picture frame, coffee mug, luggage tag, and a sweet card. We spent the afternoon at Mimi and Paw Paw's with Aunt Sarah. It was a beautiful day so we sat on the patio and ate sandwiches from Central Market. Lexi missed an entire nap, but she was still in a good mood. Last night when I woke her to feed her the "top off" bottle she fell back to sleep in my arms. Usually, Lexi does not snuggle. When she is tired she likes to soothe herself to sleep in her own bed. I'm confident Lexi fell asleep in my arms on purpose...one more gift for mother's day from her to me.

Today Alexi turned 6 months! I am so excited to see her growing and learning new things everyday. Today, Lexi started truly enjoying her activity center. She played the piano on purpose rather than accidentally hitting the keys. She is now kicking her legs as well while she plays and bouncing when she sits on the ground or in my lap. She is so much fun!


Sleep at a Rangers game...WHAT!?!

Lexi attended her first Rangers game yesterday. Mom and Dad were ultra prepared with the pack 'n play and sleep sack...just like home, right? WRONG! Lexi was ready for bed at her usual time (7 pm), but the Rangers and the audience were ready to start the night, not end it! Needless to say, the ballpark was a bit too noisy for our Babes! Lexi wanted to play, cry, and scream rather than sleep during the game. Next time I think we will opt for a sitter! We did manage to get a couple of photos before the game began.