dearest lexi,

every night when i say goodnight to you i feel a little emotional.  i say my prayers of thanksgiving for you and thank god for granting another perfect day on earth with you.  tonight, daddy is working a home game so you went to sleep in our bed.  i just came in and became a little more emotional than usual.  maybe it's because i talked with a group of moms today about kindergarten registration.  maybe it's because your lips still look like a baby and your hands are so gently placed under your left cheek.  maybe it's because you no longer have dimples in your hands where your knuckles are.  maybe it's because your heart is so pure and your mind is only filled with things that matter.  i don't write directly to you often, but tonight i want to.  i am sitting next to you as you sleep in our bed with my computer on my lap.  today you told me you were going to tell me something that would make me cry happy tears.  you said you love me more than anyone else does and you think i am the best mom out there.  although i thought it was beyond sweet, i didn't cry.  instead i kissed you and continued on with eating dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, and doing laundry.  now that it is silent and i can only hear you breathe and the keys on my keyboard i am shedding happy tears.  my heart is so incredibly filled because of your existence.  you light up the room when you walk in.  you light up my heart, my eyes, my whole being.  i pray you always stay pure and your heart will always pour out love and kindness.  i love you.  i love you more than you will ever know.  you are my sunshine, sweet lexi.  thank you for loving me and providing me with happy tears each day for over five years.



new year

It's a new year so it was time for a new look for Walsh Party of Three!  I cancelled my Love Fern Photos website because I wasn't good about updating it.  I love to post photos on the Love Fern Photos Facebook page so clients and their friends can enjoy the sneak peeks.  I'm pretty good about updating my personal blog so...I decided to combine them!

You may also notice the 'eating clean' tab.  The Walsh Party of Three family is eating clean in 2014!  I love it so much I decided to blog about it.  I want Lexi to learn about health, eating clean, and exercising at an early age.  I'm excited about 2014!!


Christmas was wonderful once again.  The holiday goes faster and faster each year though.  It seems like yesterday when we put the tree up and now the tree has been down for well over a week and we are gearing up for spring.  But, before I focus on all great SPrInG things, I'll write a little about Christmas.  I didn't take many pictures this Christmas (keeping the same routine as every other Christmas).  I'm sad about it, but I also realize that it is hard to be in the "moment" with family when trying to document the festivities.  I think next Christmas when I have a better iPhone, I will take more pictures without having to worry about lighting and such.  I will add "take more pictures of family" to my New Year's Resolution list.  :)

On Christmas Eve we celebrated with Mimi, Paw Paw, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Kristi, Baby Boy W, Aunt Sarah and John.  We enjoyed a delicious traditional Christmas dinner prepared by Aunt Sarah and Mimi.  We played games, laughed a ton, opened presents, and basically just enjoyed being with each other.  It was so fun, but we had to leave at a decent time to get to bed in order for Santa to visit our new home!!  So, when we got home we put out the reindeer food, cookies for Santa and called it a night!  On Christmas morning Lexi woke up to discover a giant Barbie Dream House, a kite, a filled stocking and several wrapped gifts under the tree from Santa!  Jason and I got Lexi a few things too.  The favorite gifts of mine from us to her were her roller blades (Aunt Kristi got me a pair too so we can skate together), a "You are my Sunshine" pillow case and I made a camera strap for Lexi's very own Nikon.  Jason and I exchanged a few gifts also before heading to Houston for Christmas #3!  When we got to Houston all 5 kids played while the adults talked and Grandma Mike prepared our traditional Christmas Eve appetizer dinner.  After we ate we opened gifts and then played games the rest of the night and had a blast!

I love Christmas.  I love celebrating it with the people I love most.  I love to watch Lexi's eyes and my nephew's eyes light up when they open gifts.  I love pulling up at Mimi and Paw Paw's house and Grandma Mike's house with a car full of gifts.  I love all the smiles, laughs, memories, prayers, hugs, and kisses.  Christmas is a magical time of year and I'm already excited about the next one.