Did you put your foot in your mouth?

Lexi was finally able to get her foot in her mouth today and she loved it! She concentrated really hard and then she held on tight to her left foot, got it to her mouth, and then licked her toes! It was extremely entertaining for me. I was able to get pictures, not great ones though...I'm sure I'll have more opportunities in the near future!

Lexi also enjoyed "Green Eggs and Ham" today. Throughout the whole book she grunted and growled. I will try to get that on film because it is truly hilarious. Lexi grunts A LOT. I'm thinking she is getting frustrated with her immobility...

Jason and I are really enjoying Alexi's personality. It is so awesome to see her change on a daily basis and to witness her learning new things. She is growing up fast!


Sweet Potato--Yum-O!

Lexi is not a huge fan of cereal, but she loves sweet potato! After the first few initial bites with a sour looking face and spiting it out, she realizes how yummy it is and she begs for more! She will grab the spoon, put it in her mouth, and then she bites the spoon trying to get every ounce of sweet potato.


Happy St. Patty's Day

Our little lucky clover enjoyed her first St. Patty's day. Her chubby cheeks were blushed all day for the Irish festivities. We spent most of the day outside, but we also had a little Bebe Pod fun too!


What is this thing called a "spoon?"

Yesterday at Lexi's 4 month check up we got the green light to start her on cereal. I was thrilled. I had already purchased the cereal because I was so eager for Lexi to reach another milestone and try something new. Before her bedtime feeding Jason and I put a bib on our monkey and placed her in the high chair. She is still a little small for the high chair so we placed blankets around her body for support. I mixed the cereal while Jason set up the camera. We were ready...Lexi was not! She was confused by the spoon and did not know what in the world to do with the cereal. She made a few faces, spit out the cereal, batted the spoon away, and then started crying. It was priceless. Soon Lexi will beg for more, but for now she is quite content with bottles.


One Year Ago...

One year ago today Jason and I officially found out from the doctor that we were pregnant. We had 6 positive home pregnancy tests before the doctor's confirmation so we had a pretty good idea, but we were so relieved once we heard it from the doctor. On March 12, 2008 Jason and I went to the doctor at 8:00 am to have my blood drawn. We were told I would get a phone call about 1:00 pm with the results of the blood test. Jason had to go to work and I had to student teach so I left my cell phone in the car. After school, I rushed home to meet Jason so we could listen to the voice mail together. We stood in the kitchen (in front of the dishwasher) and listened to the voice mail on speaker phone. The nurse said, "Your HCG level needs to be over 25 and your level is 250. Congratulations Kelly, you are pregnant." Jason and I hugged, kissed, cried, and fell in love with our little peanut.

Today Lexi and I were listening to the "Alexi" playlist on my IPod. Lexi and I danced around the living room and kitchen and when I reached the dishwasher spot with Lexi in my arms I remembered the date and the moment Jason and I shared together in the exact spot one year ago. I stopped and told Lexi the story, kissed her non stop, and just held her close.

I will never forget the moment Jason and I shared when we officially found out we were going to be parents. It is everything and so much more than I ever imagined. Alexi is a gift from God and I am so thankful He chose us to be her parents.


Rodeo Girl

It's rodeo season and Lexi is one cute cowgirl!

Happy 4 month birthday baby girl!


Daddy's Little Girl

I can't wait for Lexi to be a toddler and let her dress herself. I love when I see small children mismatched with beach bum hats, pearls, and rain boots. I think it is absolutely adorable. I learned today that I do not have to wait for Lexi to be a toddler for this "cuteness" to happen...just let Daddy dress her! I slept in for an hour while Jason got up with Lexi this morning. When I came out in the living room half asleep, all I could do was smile and giggle. I reorganized Lexi's clothes so I washed all of the larger sizes and had not put them away yet. Jason found a shirt he liked (12 months) and then found a pair of pants that "worked" (newborn size). He then topped it off with pink converse shoe socks...adorable!



Okay, so Lexi has laugh[ed] before; [ed] meaning, one single laugh at a time. Tonight though Lexi chuckled! I was getting her ready for bed and was playing "peek-a-boo" when she starting laughING...multiple laughs in a row! Luckily, I had the phone with me so we were able to share the fun with Daddy. He answered the phone and listened to his precious daughter cracking up! He loved that we were able to get a hold of him! I was laughing with Lexi and started crying. I just mentioned to Jason today that I could not wait for her to start cracking up! By the time I got the video camera Lexi calmed down a little bit. The video I am posting was actually the second video I took of the event. The first video she focused too much on the camera and didn't laugh that much. I kind of hid the camera on this one, but it does not show her true laughter. More to come though!