Daddy's Little Girl

I can't wait for Lexi to be a toddler and let her dress herself. I love when I see small children mismatched with beach bum hats, pearls, and rain boots. I think it is absolutely adorable. I learned today that I do not have to wait for Lexi to be a toddler for this "cuteness" to happen...just let Daddy dress her! I slept in for an hour while Jason got up with Lexi this morning. When I came out in the living room half asleep, all I could do was smile and giggle. I reorganized Lexi's clothes so I washed all of the larger sizes and had not put them away yet. Jason found a shirt he liked (12 months) and then found a pair of pants that "worked" (newborn size). He then topped it off with pink converse shoe socks...adorable!

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