What is this thing called a "spoon?"

Yesterday at Lexi's 4 month check up we got the green light to start her on cereal. I was thrilled. I had already purchased the cereal because I was so eager for Lexi to reach another milestone and try something new. Before her bedtime feeding Jason and I put a bib on our monkey and placed her in the high chair. She is still a little small for the high chair so we placed blankets around her body for support. I mixed the cereal while Jason set up the camera. We were ready...Lexi was not! She was confused by the spoon and did not know what in the world to do with the cereal. She made a few faces, spit out the cereal, batted the spoon away, and then started crying. It was priceless. Soon Lexi will beg for more, but for now she is quite content with bottles.

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