a tuesday i will treasure

We did not have to go anywhere today and it was SO nice.  We played monopoly, barbie dream house, school, took a long bath and watched a little bit of "The Voice."  I only did one load of laundry and I didn't work on the hall restroom (we are painting and redecorating it).  It was just me and Lexi today and I loved it. When kindergarten starts Tuesdays will be lonely (for me).  I'm not ready to let go of our T/Th days...


dear lexi,

You are growing up so fast.  You have such a spunky personality.  You dance like no one is watching, even when they are.  You wear mismatched socks with your Christian school uniform.  You are animated (that is an understatement).  You are always glowing.  You are intelligent.  You are a good friend.  You have the biggest heart.  You love hard.  You are a believer.  You are my sunshine. 

I pray you never change.  I pray you continue to be a leader and a helper.  I pray you continue to follow your dreams, even when you find obstacles.  You want to be a performer, a teacher, a landscaper, a photographer, and most importantly, a mother.  I know you will be a successful child and adult.  I pray you don't grow up too fast.  I pray you and your husband are blessed with children.  I can't imagine my life without you.  I prayed for you and I thank God every single day for blessing us with you. 

I love you,


number 9

Today the team mom of the soccer team called with bad news.  #9 was already promised to another kid on the team before Lexi so we had to choose another number.  Lexi was pretty disappointed with the news (as was I).  Her second favorite number is 5, but that just wasn't going to cut it.  So, I suggested 99.  What's better than one 9?  Two 9's!!  Lexi is a happy camper again and I think she will have the highest number on the team now.  :)


our bedroom

When we sold our house we decided to sell our bedroom suite.  It was beautiful, but our (my) style is way different than when we bought our first house in Sachse.  We have been searching for the perfect pieces for our room, but we just aren't finding exactly what we both want.  I should have taken a 'before' picture (I always forget to take those) because the whole room was random and...annoying.  Lexi helped me move things around the room and decorate with items we already had around the house.  Lexi placed the flowers in the corner, finally returned Jason's guitar stand (she took it from him as soon as he got it last summer for her guitar), and cleaned the floors.  She is such a super helper!! 

I think this 'fix' will keep me from a major impulsive purchase (bed, nightstands, dresser, lamps, etc) for at least a week...

The quilt is from my mother in law (given to me to use for photo shoots).  I believe she said it was Jason's grandmother's quilt.  I have it over the dated fabric bench.  I love quilts and I love the wedding ring pattern for our bedroom.

The 'I heart u, Jason Walsh' is from when we hosted a game night and I was doodling after a couple glasses of wine with our friends.  Jason loved it and cut it out from the chalkboard table runner.  It has been sitting on the book shelf ever since.  Today I decided to throw it in an old frame and put it on his makeshift nightstand.  :)

The lights are from Aunt Kristi's baby shower.  I knew when I bought them I would use them again.  They will eventually go outside in the backyard, but once I opened the shutters for the first time ever, I felt like the window needed a little icing.

The couch is a little big, but Lexi begged me to put it there so she can sit on it and watch TV in our room. 

So here it is for a little while.  I can't wait to post again when it is all finished for real (and these will be my 'before' pics)!! 

my emmy award winning husband

Well, Jason has done it again.  He has made the news for his incredible talent and smart decision making skills.  I believe he will earn his 4th Emmy this season.  Have I ever mentioned how proud I am of my man?!??


four generations

I'm not sure if this picture is already on the blog.  If it isn't than I am taking care of that and if it is well, it deserves to be posted again.  I adore this image.  Four generations and Alexi's first Thanksgiving.  Love. 


the dallas stars

I'm am a very proud wife.  Last Friday night, March 7th, Jason took me on a date to the W hotel.  We got all dressed up and headed to the "Ghost Bar."  About 100 people were invited by the Stars organization and Mike Modano.  We had time to mingle, an excellent dinner and enjoyed the lovely roast given to Modano.  It was the best night "out" of my adult life.  Jason has been devoting all of his hard work and energy into the #9 Mike Modano retirement ceremony for over a year.  Jason orchestrated the most unbelievable and fascinating retirement ceremony of all time.  The ceremony was held on Saturday, March 8th before the incredible game against the Minnesota Wild.  After the game we were driven to the Omni Dallas for a private after party honoring Modano.  The owner of the team, the president of the team, the players, Mike Modano, old staff, current staff and every other person associated with the Dallas Stars went out of their way to shake Jason's hand and congratulate him on his flawless and priceless ceremony.  On Sunday morning Jason received a text from Mike Modano thanking him for the ceremony.  I will forever be proud of my man.

 #9 Jersey goes to the rafters



Lexi's soccer season at the YMCA begins tomorrow!!  She is so excited to play and we are beyond thrilled to watch her on the field with her teammates.  She is playing for the Spartans and their colors are yellow and black. 

Today Lexi and I went shopping for all the soccer gear.  I told her what we needed to buy and that included tall socks.  Lexi said, "Oh yes!  I need more boot socks!!  Why did you say I need to wear tennis shoes?  Boot socks look waaaaaaay better with boots, mom."  I was a little nervous at Academy while she was trying on the shin guards and tall black socks.  Lexi still doesn't like things to be tight on her, but she didn't mind one bit because she can't wait for the season to start!! 


luke daniel

We have a new nephew/cousin and he is simply adorable.  Luke Daniel Walsh was welcomed to the world with love on March 9, 2014 at 7:39 am, weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces and 20 inches long.  We love you to the moon and back again, Luke!!



Lexi had the tiniest cut on her finger today.  She said it hurt, but then she saw a little bit of blood...

The blood devastated her.  She had tears.  She needed ice and a band aid.  She pouted (so I took a picture) and after a few minutes she was back to herself.  :)

oh monopoly!

During Christmas vacation, Jason, Uncle Jeff and Uncle Chip played monopoly at Grandma Mike's house.  Lexi was very interested in the game and played on Jason's "team."  When we got home I bought Monopoly Junior "Party."  Lexi was so excited and from that day on we have played it almost every. single. day.  We love playing it as a family between dinner and bath time.  Lexi loves to pass out the "property" cards and she loves to get the chance cards.  She is competitive, but also so sweet during the game.  There have been times where she owes me $3, but she will insist on giving me $4 because she loves me.  She often tell me she wants me to win more than she wants to win.  If she doesn't win and she wants to, she is always a good sport.  I think she just loves us all being together and having fun...and so do we.  :)


We have officially been eating clean since right after Christmas!  I have been working a lot in the kitchen preparing and cooking clean food.  Yesterday morning while standing at the kitchen counter drinking my tea, I had a vision for our breakfast nook.  We never eat at that table.  It is wasted space.  While we were iced in yesterday (crazy north Texas weather) Lexi and I made a rainbow for St. Patty's Day (and because we LOVE rainbows!).  Today I pulled out blankets, books, and picked up succulents at Trader Joe's.  I made raspberry, lemon and mint water and put out mason jars + straws (we drink a lot more water if it has fresh fruit in it!).  And...tada...here is our cozy + bright lil' breakfast nook.  I think it is already becoming my happy place.  :)


phone dump

Some fun pics from my phone over the last couple of weeks...

my passionate girl

Jason and Lexi were playing barbie dream house today while I was grocery shopping.  Jason asked Lexi, "What is your favorite thing to play with in this room?"  Lexi answered, "You." 

I mean, my heart was about to burst when Lexi told me this story.  She is so passionate.  Lexi loves and she loves hard.  I am in awe of her all the time.  Obviously, we knew before she was born that we would love her an unmeasurable amount, but we had no idea she would feel the same way about us.  I am so honored and blessed to have such a sweet daughter with an incredibly beautiful heart.