oh monopoly!

During Christmas vacation, Jason, Uncle Jeff and Uncle Chip played monopoly at Grandma Mike's house.  Lexi was very interested in the game and played on Jason's "team."  When we got home I bought Monopoly Junior "Party."  Lexi was so excited and from that day on we have played it almost every. single. day.  We love playing it as a family between dinner and bath time.  Lexi loves to pass out the "property" cards and she loves to get the chance cards.  She is competitive, but also so sweet during the game.  There have been times where she owes me $3, but she will insist on giving me $4 because she loves me.  She often tell me she wants me to win more than she wants to win.  If she doesn't win and she wants to, she is always a good sport.  I think she just loves us all being together and having fun...and so do we.  :)

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