the dallas stars

I'm am a very proud wife.  Last Friday night, March 7th, Jason took me on a date to the W hotel.  We got all dressed up and headed to the "Ghost Bar."  About 100 people were invited by the Stars organization and Mike Modano.  We had time to mingle, an excellent dinner and enjoyed the lovely roast given to Modano.  It was the best night "out" of my adult life.  Jason has been devoting all of his hard work and energy into the #9 Mike Modano retirement ceremony for over a year.  Jason orchestrated the most unbelievable and fascinating retirement ceremony of all time.  The ceremony was held on Saturday, March 8th before the incredible game against the Minnesota Wild.  After the game we were driven to the Omni Dallas for a private after party honoring Modano.  The owner of the team, the president of the team, the players, Mike Modano, old staff, current staff and every other person associated with the Dallas Stars went out of their way to shake Jason's hand and congratulate him on his flawless and priceless ceremony.  On Sunday morning Jason received a text from Mike Modano thanking him for the ceremony.  I will forever be proud of my man.

 #9 Jersey goes to the rafters

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