our bedroom

When we sold our house we decided to sell our bedroom suite.  It was beautiful, but our (my) style is way different than when we bought our first house in Sachse.  We have been searching for the perfect pieces for our room, but we just aren't finding exactly what we both want.  I should have taken a 'before' picture (I always forget to take those) because the whole room was random and...annoying.  Lexi helped me move things around the room and decorate with items we already had around the house.  Lexi placed the flowers in the corner, finally returned Jason's guitar stand (she took it from him as soon as he got it last summer for her guitar), and cleaned the floors.  She is such a super helper!! 

I think this 'fix' will keep me from a major impulsive purchase (bed, nightstands, dresser, lamps, etc) for at least a week...

The quilt is from my mother in law (given to me to use for photo shoots).  I believe she said it was Jason's grandmother's quilt.  I have it over the dated fabric bench.  I love quilts and I love the wedding ring pattern for our bedroom.

The 'I heart u, Jason Walsh' is from when we hosted a game night and I was doodling after a couple glasses of wine with our friends.  Jason loved it and cut it out from the chalkboard table runner.  It has been sitting on the book shelf ever since.  Today I decided to throw it in an old frame and put it on his makeshift nightstand.  :)

The lights are from Aunt Kristi's baby shower.  I knew when I bought them I would use them again.  They will eventually go outside in the backyard, but once I opened the shutters for the first time ever, I felt like the window needed a little icing.

The couch is a little big, but Lexi begged me to put it there so she can sit on it and watch TV in our room. 

So here it is for a little while.  I can't wait to post again when it is all finished for real (and these will be my 'before' pics)!! 

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