What a Hoot!

Alexi can always make me laugh...


Learning to Clap

First Tooth!

Lexi's first tooth broke through! It has been a long time coming. She has been great so far through the teething experience. She truly is an "Angel" baby. Her first tooth is on the bottom. You can't see it just yet, but you can feel it (if she lets you). Congrats baby girl!


Avocado and...

Yes, I taped it...couldn't resist.


Back to Normal

I'm home and things are back to normal. I am wearing spit up on my sleeve. I can smell it and I am still choosing not to change. I gave Lexi a bath tonight and we played, read, and put on tons of lotion after her bath. She drank her bedtime bottle and fell fast asleep leaving me starring at the monitor. I am on the computer uploading and printing more of her photos. I am so tired, but I can't wait until morning when I can get her out of bed again. I am so incredibly thankful to be Alexi's mom.

Mia in Montreal for Father's Day

Sunday was Jason's first true Father's Day. Lexi and I surprised Jason by having the grass mowed for him and with the following pictures framed for his office. He loved the pics of his baby girl decked out in "Stars" gear. The jersey Lexi is wearing is the jersey Jason gave me on our wedding day.

On Father's Day Jason and I left for Montreal. Jason had to go for work so I joined him for a few days for our first adult vacation (with Mia) since we have been parents.

Jason has been away from Alexi overnight already due to work, but this was my first time. It was hard to leave (actually really hard to leave and a lot of tears), but once I was there I was okay. On Tuesday night (the night before I left Montreal) it was hard to sleep. I would close my eyes and invision walking in the front door and seeing Lexi for the first time. I felt like it was the night before her birth. I finally fell asleep and a couple hours later the alarm sounded and it was time to go to the airport! I tried to sleep on the plane, but was only able to sleep for about 20 minutes. I packed lightly so I didn't have to wait for my bags after we landed. We landed 15 minutes early and I was so excited to get off the plane, but we had to wait for another plane to leave our gate so we waited...and waited...and waited...for 45 minutes! I was jumping out of my skin to get off that plane. Mimi picked me up and drove me to my sweet baby girl. Grandma Mike and Great Grandma were at our house taking care of Lexi. She was on the floor playing when I walked in the front door. Tears came to my eyes as I picked her up, kissed her non-stop, and held her close. I missed her so much and can't believe how much she changed in just a short few days!

Since Jason and I left of Father's Day we celebrated with PawPaw the week before. We had a great time with the Walsh family sitting outside, playing in the pool, and eating wonderful food!


Learning to Share

Alexi maybe an only child, but she is still learning to share. Andie and Lexi are quite a pair. If Lexi keeps this up, they will be bff's in no time!
And yes, these pictures are in chronological order.

Caught it on film


Just say, "NO!"

Lexi started yet another new thing today...shaking her head "No." When she is finished eating she will shut her mouth tight and shake her head. She will also do it randomly or on command. Here's a sneak peek!


A Short List

Lexi turned 7 months on Thursday. We really can't believe how much she is changing every single day. Here is a very short list of things I absolutely love and adore about my baby girl (in no particular order):
1. Her 4th piglet on each foot is longer than the others.
2. She wants to bounce all day long.
3. She growls.
4. She is ticklish under her chin.
5. She smacks her lips.
6. She holds her hands while she is falling asleep.
7. She feels by scratching.
8. She kisses with an open mouth for long periods of time.
9. She says "Ma Ma" and "Da Da," but she doesn't know why.
10.Her hair puffs up in one spot.
11.She does "Guns Up" with her left hand all the time.
12.She smiles if you clap.
13.She squeals with pure joy when Andie comes around.
14.She still kicks her legs when she is excited, wants to fall asleep, or really anytime if you make a noise each time that she kicks.
15.She wakes up with a smile on her face and is ready to play.
16.She plays in her bed until we go up to get her.
17.She makes the cutest sounds when she poops.
18.She loves being in water.
19.She loves having her hands washed in the sink.
20.Her cheeks are always rosey.
21.She laughs when I laugh.
22.She loves to sleep.
23.She pulls our hair.
24.She loves music.
25.She dances to music.
26.She loves to stand (with us holding her).
27.She lets us kiss her all day long.
28.She smiles when we say our mealtime prayer.
29.She appreciates the simple things in life...burp cloths, boxes on wipes, tags (wish I came up with the Taggies idea!).
30.Her feet are always in the air.
31.She employs me with the most satisfying job EVER!



Words cannot describe how much I adore this little face!


Latest Lexi Happenings

I feel like a horrible mom because I don't have pictures of Lexi's first swim. She enjoyed Memorial Day weekend with two swim parties. She did great in the water. She was pretty relaxed and chilled in her float.

Lexi hit another milestone on June 3rd...rolling over from her back to her stomach. She was on her blanket and I walked over, placed her sippy cup out of reach, and ta-da she rolled over with ease! Hmmm...maybe it took her so long because we have a tendency of handing things to her!