fall in july

We are experiencing very low temps for July for the 2nd time this summer!!  Lexi had a play date scheduled today, but our friends had to cancel.  Lexi was really, really bummed so I suggested we bake cookies since it is "cool" and overcast today.  I love to cook, but I don't really like to bake so I knew this would be a treat for her.  While we were baking she said this was the best day ever!!  I'm so happy I was able to turn her frown upside down!!

P.S.  Obviously I'm feeling a bit black + white lately!!

sweet ballerina

The other night before bed I watched a performance of a lifetime.  Lexi brought me upstairs for my own private showing of her impromptu ballet number.  She poured her big heart and soul into the act.  She is so passionate about every thing she does and I just love that about her!


little luke

Last week Lexi and I watched Luke for a couple of hours while Kristi enjoyed some time to herself.  We love our little Luke man!!

this little light of mine...

I'm going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine all the time!!  Never, ever forget to let your light shine, sweet Lexi. 


daddy/daughter day

Yesterday I had an adult girl pool day and Jason and Lexi had a day together.  They started their day off with donuts and chocolate milk for Lexi and Starbucks for Jason (they brought one home for me also).  They later had PB&J at Pot Belly, chipped balls at Golfsmith (the original plan was for Jason to take Lexi golfing at a course, but it was smoking hot outside!), and then ice skating at the Galleria.  They had so much fun together and sent me a couple of pictures of their day!!


...in the whole wide world.

Yesterday morning Lexi woke up in our bed, put her arm around my neck, kissed me on the head and said in her sleepy, whispering voice, "You're the best mom in the whole wide world." 

Be still my heart.