Lexi spotted ELMO!


A Little Too Late...

I thought of what I should have done for Lent this year, but with Easter next week...it's a little too late. Next year I will do 40 days of pictures...



Some of my very favorite "Lexi-isms" to date are:

1.  She will hold up one finger when you ask her how old she is.
2.  She asks (in her own little Lexi way) for the song to be changed in the car.
3.  If anyone even says the word, "tickle" she tickles herself with a cheesy grin on her face.
4.  She yells, "Hot Dog" during the first note of the, well, "Hot Dog" song.
5.  She "jumps" and says, "Go" if you say, "Ready, Set..."
6.  If you ask her what song she wants to sing she will either say, "Row" for "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" or sprinkle her fingers in the air for "Itsy Bitsy Spider."
7.  Her favorite time to be held is while I am cooking dinner.  You should see my left bicep!  :)
8.  She answers "Yes" to most everything.  This is particularly entertaining when Jason asks Lexi political or philosophical yes/no questions.
9.  Lexi loves to pour water from one cup to another in the bathtub.  Her concentration is baffling and you can just see the wheels turning.
10. Lexi loves to "talk" on the phone...not to actual people though.  She talks on her pretend phone.  Whether it be a sock, a clothing tag, a bath toy, a piece of food, or an old phone, it is pressed to her right ear, her head is tilted and she is talking.

She is learning and developing so quickly.  We are stunned and amazed by her on a daily basis.


A Day At The Park

Lexi and I enjoyed the beautiful weather today at the park.  Lexi's favorite part of the day was picking flowers!  We ran around, picked flowers, and relaxed on the bench.  It was a great mom and daughter day.  We can't wait to take Jason to the park in the very near future for a fabulous family day!


Rock A Bye Baby

Lexi has never really been a snuggler, nor does she like to be "rocked" to sleep.  I believe this is due to being Baby Wised trained.  She likes her own bed, her own space, and likes to soothe herself to sleep.  Last night before Jason and I went to bed I looked at the monitor and noticed Lexi had taken off her socks.  It was really cold last night (it actually snowed 5.6 inches) so we woke her up to put footed pajamas on her.  We heated up a little bit of milk for a special treat since we woke her up and she sat with me in the rocking chair while she drank out of her cup.  When she finished drinking she put her head on my chest and let me rock her.  After awhile I was so uncomfortable in the hard rocking chair and my feet were falling asleep, but at the same time it was the most comfortable position to be in.  It reminded me of being pregnant with Lexi or when she was a tiny baby.  She was so close to me and it was so comforting.  I guess Alexi enjoyed last night as much as I did.  She let me rock her before bed again tonight.  Ahhh...that baby makes me smile.



I just uploaded over 300 photos of Lexi.  They will be shipped to the house in 5 -7 business days and I can't wait to add them to her albums!  Yes, albums...currently, there are 4 albums of just Lexi.  Yes, I know she is only 16 months, but I can't help myself!  I adore every move she makes and I want to capture every minute of her life.  This picture is right after she woke up from a nap today.  She is such a sweetie! 


Sometimes I just have to soak it all in...

Tonight was one of those nights.  Jason is gone and Lexi has had a rough couple of days.  She is cutting teeth and she is hurting.  I, as a mom, want to take all the pain away.  She has thrown numerous fits, fought naps, and has just not been acting herself.  I have found myself in tears because I just don't know how to fix her pain. Tonight when I was putting Lexi to bed I did our nightly routine...I put my face to hers while rocking her and whispered all the wonderful things we did today.  I ended my talk like I always do, "May God Bless You And Keep You."  Right at, "You" Lexi practiced 'spitting.'  She loves when I 'spit' when I try to teach her to do so after we brush her teeth.  I guess she still had that on her mind...

Some days maybe more challenging than others, but each day I wake up with more to love.



Spring has sprung and we are excited! Lexi and I spent the afternoon outside today and had so much fun! This outfit was given to her by Uncle Daniel. It is SUPER cute and is certainly Lexi's color!


March 1, 2008

Yesterday was March 1st, the anniversary of our embryo transfer. It was two years yesterday when Lexi was carefully placed in the womb. I remember the day like it was yesterday. Jason and I were nervous, anxious, excited, scared, confident, hopeful, determined, happy, prayerful, tired from the lack of sleep, but full of life because we knew in our hearts 'it' was going to work. After the transfer we stayed in the recovery room for about an hour. The nurse wheeled me to the car in a wheel chair and I carefully climbed in the back of the Yukon. We had a pillow and the elephant blanket waiting for me. I slept while Jason drove us home. I was on complete bed rest for 24 hours. Jason and I ordered several movies from Netflix in preparation for the bed rest and we laid in bed together watching movies, eating chips and salsa, and pizza. Jason stayed with the me the whole time. In fact, the next day when I moved to the couch, Jason went with me. We heard some commotion in the bedroom, walked in and found Andie standing halfway on the bed and halfway on the night stand eating the leftover salsa! That 24 hour period is one of my happiest memories in our Sachse home. Jason and I bonded even closer that day...more than we even knew at the time. Our love grew for each other and our baby started growing in my belly. It was a good day. A day I will never forget. Those 24 hours I will always keep close to my heart. That day was the beginning of the rest of our lives. There were 3 of us from that day forward.