March 1, 2008

Yesterday was March 1st, the anniversary of our embryo transfer. It was two years yesterday when Lexi was carefully placed in the womb. I remember the day like it was yesterday. Jason and I were nervous, anxious, excited, scared, confident, hopeful, determined, happy, prayerful, tired from the lack of sleep, but full of life because we knew in our hearts 'it' was going to work. After the transfer we stayed in the recovery room for about an hour. The nurse wheeled me to the car in a wheel chair and I carefully climbed in the back of the Yukon. We had a pillow and the elephant blanket waiting for me. I slept while Jason drove us home. I was on complete bed rest for 24 hours. Jason and I ordered several movies from Netflix in preparation for the bed rest and we laid in bed together watching movies, eating chips and salsa, and pizza. Jason stayed with the me the whole time. In fact, the next day when I moved to the couch, Jason went with me. We heard some commotion in the bedroom, walked in and found Andie standing halfway on the bed and halfway on the night stand eating the leftover salsa! That 24 hour period is one of my happiest memories in our Sachse home. Jason and I bonded even closer that day...more than we even knew at the time. Our love grew for each other and our baby started growing in my belly. It was a good day. A day I will never forget. Those 24 hours I will always keep close to my heart. That day was the beginning of the rest of our lives. There were 3 of us from that day forward.

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Michelle Harmon said...

I am sitting here crying again reading your blog!!!! Kelly!!! This is beautiful, breath-taking, and just amazing. I love you girl. I am so happy that this happened two years ago! How awesome that you have everything documented so that you never forget. :-)