Rock A Bye Baby

Lexi has never really been a snuggler, nor does she like to be "rocked" to sleep.  I believe this is due to being Baby Wised trained.  She likes her own bed, her own space, and likes to soothe herself to sleep.  Last night before Jason and I went to bed I looked at the monitor and noticed Lexi had taken off her socks.  It was really cold last night (it actually snowed 5.6 inches) so we woke her up to put footed pajamas on her.  We heated up a little bit of milk for a special treat since we woke her up and she sat with me in the rocking chair while she drank out of her cup.  When she finished drinking she put her head on my chest and let me rock her.  After awhile I was so uncomfortable in the hard rocking chair and my feet were falling asleep, but at the same time it was the most comfortable position to be in.  It reminded me of being pregnant with Lexi or when she was a tiny baby.  She was so close to me and it was so comforting.  I guess Alexi enjoyed last night as much as I did.  She let me rock her before bed again tonight.  Ahhh...that baby makes me smile.

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