mimi + paw paw

This past Saturday, Lexi spent the night at Mimi + Paw Paw's house so I could go to the Stars home opener.  Lexi always has fun over there and is always so busy!  Mimi and Lexi planted a lot of bulbs.  Lexi told me, "It took a little long time."  Lexi also said, "I had to tell Paw Paw 100 times that it was time for dinner!"  On Sunday when I went to pick up Lexi, Uncle Daniel was there visiting.  Aunt Kristi was there before I was, but she had to leave and go to work.  Lexi LOVES her Mimi + Paw Paw and her Aunts and Uncles.  She enjoys being with them and playing with them as much as she can!

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