camping under the stars

Well, not exactly what the title says, but kind of...

We went on our first family camping trip!  We went all the way to Grapevine, Texas.  We had a small (ok, very small) cabin on the lake...well, kind of close to the lake.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and took Lexi to the park on site and on a nature walk.  We then went to downtown Grapevine to eat dinner (roughing it, I know) and went through a couple of shops.  Once we arrived back to the campsite we made a fire in the fire pit and made s'mores!  Lexi brought her Barbie camper and her favorite stuffed animals and Nine to enjoy the fire as well.  After the s'mores we went back inside and Lexi enjoyed a show on the iPad and Jason and I watched football before going to bed.

While we were watching football we were also updating our Twitter accounts non-stop following the hockey lockout news.  We went to bed without a CBA deal, but when we woke up THERE WAS HOCKEY AGAIN!!!  We hurried and packed up the car and drove home so Jason could go to the office.  Cabin #2 at the Vineyard Campgrounds in Grapevine, Texas is our new lucky spot.  GO STARS!!

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