will you cover me?

Lexi used to never like being covered with blankets.  She was in a sleep sack forever and then once she graduated from the sleep sack she was dressed in long sleeve footed pajamas each night.  She always chose to keep the covers off (we keep it cold in our house so we know it wasn't because she was hot!).  Anywho, a few months ago Lexi became super attached to the Minnie Mouse blanket Uncle Chip and Aunt Sarah gave her for Christmas 2011.  One night, Jason covered her up 'snug as a bug in a rug' with it and she loved it.  She also loved that Jason covered her.  From that night forward, she asks daddy to cover her up.  We love hearing, "Daddy, will you cover me?" 

This picture is from when Lexi was sick.  It is now a Walsh Party of Three routine to ALL sleep on the couch when Lexi is sick.  We bring out all the blankets, favorite dolls and stuffed animals and snuggle!  We will do anything to help our sweet girl feel better and comfortable!

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