guest blogger

I asked Lexi if she wanted to be a "guest blogger" again.  She said yes. Lexi's words will be in purple and mine will be in black.

For a guest blogger, I have to give the person at the computer money.  How much does it cost? 


Okay, I have $38 dollars.  Here it is, but I need it back because it is mine.  Now let me show you a picture of you that I have in my wallet.  A guest blogger also has to dance around with her friends after the story.  I'm ready when you're ready.

She is now zipping up her purse.  She just consulted with Nine and they want to tell about Megan the Monkey as a baby.       

Oh, wait, another baby is calling her now...

Now we are going to hear when Samantha's daughter was a baby.  I have to go to the restroom first. 

Here is the story...

When Samantha's daughter was a baby, she was crying so much because she wanted milk.  She wanted it for a long, long time.  She was also really afraid to go to school.  She really wanted to stay home with her family.  All done with the story.  Thank you.

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