father's day

This was my 20th Father's Day without my dad.  I miss him every single day and every Father's Day is a little rough.  I am blessed with a wonderful mother who has played both roles for 20 years, Uncle Jack who walked me down the aisle 8 years ago, Kevin who has loved me as his own from day one and who is the absolute best Paw Paw, Chip and Jeff who are terrific dads for our nephews, and of course, Jason...the man God hand picked to be Alexi's hero. 

On Saturday night Mimi and Paw Paw had Lexi spend the night and Jason and I enjoyed a night out.  On Sunday afternoon we went to Mimi and Paw Paw's with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Daniel, and Aunt Kristi for some laughs, bar-b-q, gifts, and swimming.

Jason asked for a boy Barbie this year for Father's Day.  Lexi was excited to pick out the Ken doll who looked the most like him.  :)  We also got him golf lessons, a golf shirt (bright pink...Lexi picked it out), golf shorts, and flip flops.  Jason is the most thoughtful/caring/Barbie playing/piggy back giver/provider/boo boo kissing dad a girl could ask for.  Alexi Preston, you are one lucky lady.  Your dad rocks and I am beyond honored to call him my husband.

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Michelle Harmon said...

20 years! Wow! Your dad was a precious man and I'm blessed to have known him. Happy Fathers Day to the awesome dad that asked for a Barbie man! Impressive!