this is frisco

Last weekend we had a family dance/band playing Sunday.  Lexi of course, choreographed it all.  She had Jason on his guitar and she and I switched between dancing, playing her guitar, and taking turns on the piano.  She used her whistle that she bought with her own money a few days before to keep us in check.  She brought out her babies and stuffed animals for our audience.  While she was dancing and singing she would pass by the babies and give them high fives.  Sometime during the concert Jason did something that Lexi did not prefer.  Lexi stopped the music and told Jason what she wanted him to do differently.  Jason explained to her that she can't make up rules on "how to play."  We are different individuals and we all do things differently.  He also said, "This is America.  You are not a dictator."  Lexi listened and started the music again.  We all continued to play/dance/sing.  When the CD ended Lexi looked at Jason and said, "This is not America.  This is Frisco."

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