family vacation

We had a blast on vacation!  Every single bit of it was perfect.  We drove to the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort on Monday.  We arrived in the late afternoon, checked in, and went straight to the pool.  We picked the perfect time of year to go...the same week as school starting.  So, the resort was empty.  We basically shared the large pool area with 7 other families.  It.  Was.  Perfect.  Lexi absolutely loved the water slide.  She seriously went down the slide about 200 times while we were there.

One day Jason left to have lunch with some of his old co-workers who moved to Austin.  I took Lexi to the spa to have her nails done.  She loved it! 

After a lot of pool time we had some down time in the hotel room before heading to dinner.

Lexi fell asleep on our way to Wal-Mart.  We had to get more sunscreen and stuff for lunches to eat on our patio.

Lexi loved the special vacation treats...and so did we!

As written in the post before vacation, Lexi convinced us to let her bring 4 babies.  She actually took A LOT more than that.  She had her 4 babies packed and then she packed a million barbies/dolls into a basket.  It was so cute so we let her bring the basket.  It didn't take up a lot of room so we figured, why not?  Lexi did great the entire trip.  When it was time to get out of the pool or go to sleep, she listened and never put up a stink.  This picture is from the first night.  Jason and I told her to go to bed and we were going to have a glass of wine on the patio.  We had the curtains open so we could see her, Jason opened the vino, I closed the sliding glass door and we heard a lard "click."  The door locked.  We tried to explain how to open the door, but Lexi just couldn't get it.  Later we found out the way we were explaining was not even the right way to unlock the door!  Thank goodness we had our phones outside with us.  We called the front desk and someone immediately came to our room and let us in!  Lexi didn't panic and tried her best to let us back in.  After we figured out the door we went back outside and when we came in we found our bed like this.  :)

Everyday Lexi applied sunscreen to Barbie.

This girl can swim and loves it!!

One down side to going to the resort during the first week of school is that the horses and ponies are not available for riding.  It is their rest week.  We really wanted to take Lexi on her first pony ride this trip, but it just couldn't happen.  :( 

The last night we went to The Oasis.  We love that restaurant.  The views are simply breath-taking.
I am pretty sad I only have iPhone photos from our trip.  I have a point and shoot camera already on my Christmas list.  My fancy camera is just too much to carry around and I certainly don't want it around a pool.  :( 

One of my fondest memories from this vacation will be floating the lazy river with Lexi and Jason.  Lexi would always have her feet crossed in her own tube and we would talk or just relax.  We just floated as a family.  There wasn't much silliness or playing around, we just had conversation.  Our daughter is old enough to float a lazy river, talk, and listen.  It was awesome.
Lexi and I left the resort on Friday and drove to Houston to see family.  Jason flew to Lubbock to work the TECH game.  On Sunday, Jason flew to Houston to be with us and we all left on Monday.  When Lexi and I arrived in Houston on Friday, we went with Kim to pick up Cooper from school.  I cannot believe he is in the 7th grade!  We also waited at the bus stop to see Jackson who is now already in 3rd grade and Brady the kindergartener get off the school bus!  Lexi brought her camera to capture the boys getting off the bus!!  That evening Kim and the boys came to mom's house while Jeff and Jason worked.  Chip surprised us by driving in also!  Sarah stayed behind to do some family stuff with Preston, but she surprised us by flying into Houston on Saturday evening!  We had a great time going out to eat, cooking out, playing cards, and going to Kim's favorite store, "Lush."  
We were gone for a full week and had a blast the whole time!  Lexi started the 2012-2013 preschool year today.  That post is coming soon.  :) 

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