if you follow...

If you follow this blog will you leave a comment to Lexi about starting soccer?  She was super excited to play soccer, but as soon as we signed up she became 'scared.'  We are trying to comfort her and explain that it is not scary, but maybe we aren't saying the right things or saying enough.

Also, I print this blog into books for Lexi to have when she is older.  The blog book doesn't print comments, but I will write them in for her.

Thanks for the help, blog followers!


Sarah Hodges said...

Uncle Chip, Baby Preston, and I can't wait to come to your first soccer game! Soccer is so much fun! You get to run around and play with your friends, plus you get the best snacks after your games! We love you and know you will be so awesome at soccer!,

Michelle Harmon said...

Girl! We know you will rock it at soccer! You are a star!!! Xoxo
Michelle Addie n emmie :-)