welcome back sweet andie ann derson!

We all LOVE this dog.  She is Lexi's best friend.  Lexi loves on her and plays with her non-stop.  When Andie was missing a piece of our family was missing.  Our hearts were saddened thinking she may have been forever lost.  When Lexi and I first saw her at the shelter this morning our hearts skipped a beat and we both had huge smiles and happiness come over us.  On our way home Lexi said, "I missed you Andie Ann.  You are such a good dog!"  This afternoon we took Andie to get a fresh hair cut and Lexi and I picked out treats, a new toy, and bones for Andie.  We love you, Andie Ann Derson!!

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Michelle Harmon said...

She really does belong with you guys. <3