Alexi is napping so I thought it would be a good time to journal her latest behaviors.  
  • Lexi loves to laugh.  She laughs when you kiss her, tickle her, when she sees herself in a mirror, when she other babies, or just randomly.
  • Lexi waves "hi" and "bye."  Usually she waves with both arms.  
  • Lexi loves when daddy comes home from work...big smiles!  
  • Lexi is SO close to crawling.  She is officially up on all fours and moving, but quickly falls to her stomach and she begins rolling again.
  • Lexi still loves to try and eat the rug.
  • Lexi loves to roam around the house in her walker.  It is seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  
  • Lexi still loves to walk with one foot in front of the other while we hold her hands.
  • Lexi does not like eating from a spoon.  
  • Lexi only eats solids that she can pick up with her fingers. 
  • Lexi wants no part of holding her own bottle.  Hmm... 
  • Last week Lexi was the smallest person on the Tech campus.  
  • Lexi still kicks her feet all the time.
  • Lexi still sticks her toes in her mouth all the time.
  • Lexi also likes to blow raspberries.  
  • It is VERY difficult to change her diapers these days.  
  • Lexi gives the sweetest, most slobbery kisses and we LOVE them! 
She really is becoming her own person and it is delightful to see her personality developing.  I wonder what things I will be writing in 15 years?

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