the simple life

We sold our house and moved to an apartment.  Instead of rushing into a new house or trying to find a nice house to rent, we decided to move into a new apartment complex.  It is 40 seconds from Jason's office.  It is new + clean + has a fabulous saltwater pool.  The office has a coffee bar.  It feels like we are living in a fancy hotel.  Every morning we go coffee and hot chocolate at the bar and we are waiting for the weather to warm up to spend every summer afternoon in the pool!  We have only been here a few days, but so far we absolutely love it.  We only brought the things we need...we basically packed like we were going on vacation.  A lot of our stuff is in storage and we will get it out once we find a house.  We thought we would only want to be in an apartment for a few months, but so far we are not an any rush to get out of here!!  It is simple.  It is relaxing and peaceful.  It is perfect.

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