Lexi had her first day of VBS today.  She is grouped with her friends Colbie and Parker and is so excited about this week!  When I picked her up today all the groups were together singing.  The leaders announced 5th grade (5th graders cheered), 4th grade (4th graders cheered), etc.  When they got to kindergarten I teared up.  I couldn't see Lexi in the mass of kids, but I could picture her face smiling with pride about being a big kindergartener.  It makes me tear up typing this...where did our baby girl go?  She is almost in elementary school.  I am so proud of her and the young girl she has become.  She blesses me and Jason and so many people around her.  She can light up a room in seconds and she is as sweet as pie.  Ah, our kindergartener, our blessing.

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