A Wonderful Life

My friend Donna, Lexi, and I went Christmas shopping over the weekend. We ended up trolling around the Galleria area and stumbled upon an exquisite furniture show room. We walked in and were greeted by a nice man who explained where the coffee, tea, and cookies were located in the store in case we needed "an afternoon sugar treat." He also smiled as he asked about Lexi and then he asked me if I would like her picture taken with Santa. Of course I did, but I was not going to take her to a germy mall Santa. No need to fight the mall crowds either because there was a Santa right there in the show room! I sat Lexi on Santa's lap while she had her picture taken and played with his white beard. Donna and I believe he must have been the REAL Santa because this was not a typical place for a Santa to hang out. It was meant to be...Little Lexi on Santa's lap. She did not miss seeing Santa this Christmas afterall because of her young age. I know she does not know Santa nor was she able to tell Santa what she wanted this Christmas, but I was--I want her to have A Wonderful Life.

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